Why Young Girls Feel Attracted To Older Men? There Must Be Something Special About Them!

Ever wondered why someone old enough to be your uncle is with someone young enough to be your younger sister? It makes you wonder what match-making site did they sign-up at. Or better yet, will you have the same “glory days” when you reach that age? Let’s be honest, you are struggling to get a young cutie now, which makes you question it even more. How is this possible? What would make a beautiful, perfectly built woman choose an aged, on his last leg mate? The two don’t add up. It’s like putting a scoop of ice cream into a cup of hot coffee. Why? What was the purpose of that?

With women, things are a little different compared to men. Well, somewhat different. On the other side of the gate, there are young men chasing after older women. Each of those situations may seem odd, but they each have their own reasons. With women, a lot of them tend to overlook a man’s age. You have women that are not concerned about a man’s physical features. This is why you witness those odd moments, where a 400 lb. man is with a 100 lb. woman. Four times the sizes, yet she’s still right by his side.

Many times , women value other things outside of looks and birth date. Some have agendas and are willing to obtain their wants at any cost. A great example is a 70-year-old man marrying two strapping models. That’s right, two at one time and you should know exactly who I am talking about. In a different situation and setting, that 70-year-old wouldn’t be able to catch another 70-year-old. BUT, some things are valued more than others. And, what a value that man has!  At the same time, you have women that will accept an attractive, middle age man as long as he has other conditions or attributes. Then, there are those women that have simply given up. They are not after any material thing or any type of support. They have simply thrown in their cards and said whatever walks through the door (or sometimes manages to make it to the sidewalk), I’ll take it. This is the unique world of women. No two people are alike, so it is impossible to speak for an entire gender. But, what we can do is speak for the majority. Everyone has a category they fall under, so everything is fair.

The fact is, that it has become more and more common to see fresh beauties holding hands with their wrinkled older partners, proudly and happily together. So, why young girls feel attracted to older men, there must be something special about them…let´s find out what!

Need a Way Out

This is one of the top reasons for most women. They run to a much older man, because normally he is already stable with his finances. While much younger men are busy building their fortune,  older men have their fortune already in place. And some women think it would be easier to “hook up” with money versus working and obtaining money themselves. This is why successful athletes can grow well into their 60’s and still obtain a young astonishing  model. This also goes back to the 70-year old with two young, delicious wives. The favorite saying, “money can buy anything” is quite true in many cases. Whether people want to deny it or not,  too many people   and everything on earth have a price tag.

Male Replacement

This category is for women that never had a father figure in their life. Whether some women want to admit it or not, they yearn for a male figure in their lives when they grew up never having one. This scenario works for males and females as well. In a situation like this, it is not so much about the money. Actually, you have a lot of successful women that still desire a male figure and even being financially or professionally  settled by themselves, these somehow in need women seek the support of that absent male figure. They may have options galore, but it is the mature, father personality they desire. So, the middle-age man scores again. This time just by being old. Not having male guidance creates a void in a child’s life that they can carry for the rest of their life.

Maturity And Kindness

This is a situation where a woman has left the nightclubs, the house parties, “sexcapades”, and reckless atmosphere. She wants to become a mature woman and leave the games behind. The sad part is that a lot of men in her age range may still be in that type of lifestyle. She may have experienced men that only live for the moment and sleep around with various women on a regular basis. She may have never experienced a gentleman, so she runs away from her typical encounters and fast forwards the video to a much mature male. Although he may be twice her age and near the stage of greying hair, she can still appreciate his respect, his honesty, his stableness, and his maturity. What is more, women love the way those gentlemen educated in past times where kindness and courtesy ruled. Being treated like delicate princesses or as the unique queen´s of the gentleman´s word, is all they crave for in a ruthless world.

Dealt a Bad Hand

We had to save the best for last. As odd as this may seem, you have women that simply can’t find love. They’ve been on numerous dates, they’ve met friends through friends, and they have several accounts on singles’ websites. They’ve tried every tool in the box and have yet to find a man to call their own. And on top of this, some of these women are drop dead gorgeous. They have all their marbles in one bag, they are successful, and they are stress-free. Yet and still, they have no one to fill that empty space. The reason why is an ancient mystery. So instead of waiting for Mr. Right to stop doing wrong, they turn to a man that is more than willing to have a woman half his age. This is seen all the time with women. They lower their requirements in hopes of finding happiness. Even if they have no desire or love to be with that person at the first moments, love finally finds a way . They will learn to love or at least make themselves believe that they are in love. This is a big dilemma for maturing women. If they are approaching middle-age and have yet to find someone, they will trade in their cards and take whoever can fill that void in their life. No one desires to live alone. So if Mr. Old can imitate Mr. Right, then so be it.

Definitely, many women may want socioeconomically security and seek it through a mature man willing to share it with them in exchange of a refreshing and desirable companion, but in the majority of the cases, women are just seeking love, support, emotional stability and…being treated as the princesses of their childhood fairy tales…

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