What Most Women Complain About And Why Their Complaints Don´t Function At All

Complaining seems to have impregnated the conversations. It is present within friend’s talk, on email chains, on jokes, on the supermarket waiting rows…complaints are all over, and even when it is true that men complain a lot, women seem to be experiencing emptiness when they have nothing to complain about. And of course, sex and male performance during sex is one of their favorite topics!

What do women complain about? Well, there list seems to have no ending, but the most common phrases or protests are:

-Men go straight to the point. Yes, women want and need more foreplay, warming up is not so fast for them, no matter if you are making love in summertime at noon!

-That men think only about themselves. Well, we all seek our pleasure while having sex, and even when we try to please women and show them what an experienced lover we are, they still complain that we pursue our own pleasure as well. What should we be then? Sexually devoted to provide them pleasure and only if they come, have some fun ourselves too?

-Women complain that men have an orgasm and turn around. They want to stay looking into each other’s faces with a side to side smile. But…what about exhaustion? We do spend a lot of energy, mostly if we have tried to please the lady and wait till she finally came. Now, on the other side, is it so difficult for them to understand that sometimes we just don´t like them to see how our “little friend” looks after action?

-Men want daily action and they complain!! Seems hard to understand for me! Shouldn´t they be flattered that we desire their bodies every single day? Sometimes it seems they would prefer us to lock ourselves, watch porn and masturbate, or even find ourselves a mistress….

-Women say their men don´t understand that when they get up, they are hurried, when they have just had lunch, they feel uncomfortable and have no time, and at night supposedly men are not sensitive to realize they had too much work and they are too stressed to even think about it. Well, at this point I always wonder myself…do women forget that we have worked all day long too? Do they think we don´t get stressed if we focus on the bills we have to pay? In my humble opinion, nothing more relaxing and alleviating after a hard day than good sex.

-That men do not listen is a common critic. We are not deaf, but after hearing the same things over and over again, we have an intern blockage system that prevents us from getting upset with them, so…it works on their benefit. Besides, how can women pretend we pay attention to their words on the distance while our favorite team is playing? Some moments are sacred for us, and those are the moments in which we find our mental relax.

-Men want to solve disputes in bed and easily switch from fighting to having sex. Somehow, that is something women criticize while it should be valued. Why wasting time and efforts on a fight when sooner or later they will have us saying they are right? Having sex is funnier and much better way to spend our time. Besides, when they are a bit angry, they show their fierce in bed, so…let´s get into it, the sooner, the better.

These are just some of the most heard complains of women when it comes to sex. Now, thinking deeper about it, why don´t we all change a bit our attitude and instead of complaining directly ask what we want? And I´m being fair here, the rules applies for both genders.

Reality tells that complains make us want to eject, leave, rush out, while a gentle request attracts.  Nobody likes receiving constant critics and complains, it sounds as if there was nothing good about us so we just dismiss their comments. On the contrary, on the context of an adult conversation, we will always listen carefully to their demands, right? After all, we always try hard to fulfill our loved ones´ requests, don’t we? Let´s take for example the first complaint we mentioned above: that we always go straight to the point. Yes, this situation may completely paralyze her and leave her without any motivation. The problem is that instead of directly asking what they want, they keep complaining. I wonder, more than often, why don´t they just initiate a conversation and ask for the gentle touch and kissing she wants during foreplay, so as coitus is achieved with mutual maximal excitation, instead of keeping the mouth shut, agreeing to a coitus that is not fully welcomed and, when we finally come and feel relaxed and satisfied they just come up with comments they should have done long ago before the situation? This leaves both with a bitter taste, so, let´s abandon complain, let´s give up insisting on the things that do not work as we want and let´s just focus on asking, asking what we want, what we need; that is what really works towards constructing, building not destroying. Just my male´s humble thoughts…

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