What Is Tantric Sex?

Jun 20, 2013

Tantric Sex: what is it?

Forget  What You Know About Sex And Open Your Mind To Discover Another Form Of Extreme Connection And Pleasure

What is Tantric sex? Most people have heard these words and immediately associate it with  strange sex positions and extreme sexual pleasure, but few of them know it really is. It is practiced based on ancient Tantra philosophy, which is over 4.000 years old. It utilizes sexual energy to achieve as first goal a deep connection with our inner-selves. Tantra teaches to use desire as a path towards personal growth.

If you want to understand Tantric sex, you have to forget about conventional sex, forget about the rules and conducts you have probably been practicing so far and open your mind for a new experience and a new way of enjoyment. Occidental cultures are typically trapped on the concepts of orgasm and ejaculation, being orgasm the ultimate goal of sexual intercourse and associating orgasm to male ejaculation. On the contrary, Tantric sex practitioners try to control reaching orgasm and extend as much as possible the time devoted to self and mutual sexual enjoyment. What is more, they consider that ejaculation is a waste of energy and they learn how to avoid it.

Tantric sex enhances quality instead of quantity. The most purist Tantric followers claim that having sex once or twice a month is enough, in fact they recommend not to have sex frequently so as to accumulate sexual energy for a proper moment.

If you want to initiate yourself in this practice, remember that what matters here is the path, not the destiny. The key is to fully enjoy every single step taken.

Each partner should prepare him/herself previously for the occasion, taking a relaxing bath, shaving, combing, waxing or whatever may make them feel and look better for themselves and to honor the other.

It is necessary to create an adequate atmosphere, with soft music, fruits, candlelights, aromas, and any other detail that could delight your senses and awaken new sensations and emotions. The encounter is to be celebrated.

Deep eye-looking, tender caressing and soft kissing will be starting points. Spend time staring at each other in the eyes, naked, without touching at first. Sexual desire will naturally emerge and lead to mutual caressing. Gently and slowly touch each other, become conscious of how it feels to be touched and how you feel when you touch your partner.

Discover your lover´s body and reactions. It is important to avoid genital area. Tantric sex is not based on our genitalia but on a more comprehensive concept of  sexuality.

Foreplay is the most important and longer lasting part of a Tantric sexual relationship. Tantric practitioners relate achieving unbelievable levels of sexual excitement and pleasure.  And when penetration time arrives, it is just another part of the game, not essential nor a goal. First moments of penetration are static. The pennis remains inside the vagina without making any movement, while the couple continues their kissing and touching. After a while, both partners will start to move together in a natural rhythm. The most intense climaxes are achieved by Tantric sex.

Breathing is essential in Tantric sex from the very first moment of the encounter in which one inhales while the other exhales until the moments of maximal arousal in which breathing will be a key factor to retain orgasm and prolong pleasure.

The idea is to treasure the occasion and enjoy every moment and every step as the unique opportunity of joy it actually is.

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