Vanilla Chamu

Mar 10, 2014

Meet Vanilla Chamu:

The Japanese Model Who Underwent Over 30 Surgeries To Become A French Porcelain Doll

A young Japanese model named Vanilla Chamu has undergone over 30 plastic surgeries in her constant pursue to become a typical French porcelain doll. This young woman of now unnoticeable Japanese roots became famous after her appearance on a TV show which showed her aesthetic transformation showing a series of photographs of her process.

Vanilla is the Japanese young model whose dream was to become a typical doll, so as to achieve her childhood dreams, she took extreme measures such spending over $100.000 in 30 aesthetic surgical procedures.

Among those procedures, she underwent breast augmentation, eyelid surgeries, liposuctions, and facial implants. A close friend of the model, related that her obsessive transformation process began at the age of 19, when after finishing her studies she claimed that she wanted to be a doll, because no one calls them ugly.
Despite her physical transformation, Vanilla was still not a famous model. She was just doing some modeling works for fashion magazines until she made her appearance at a variety show where she told her story and showed a series of photographs following her metamorphosis. Vanilla revealed she had lived traumatized for years as her school mates kept calling her ugly.

She was determined to change that and she actually did it. The inner mental costs of such drastic changes?
Only time will tell, and only she will know if spending so much many, putting her health in jeopardy with so many unnecessary surgeries and losing her identity was worth it after all.

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