A few tips for women not to cool it down

You’ve probably are guilty of a few bedroom blunders yourself and whether the guy is your boyfriend, husband or a hook-up buddy, there are things that would just totally kill the moment or even the relationship when you say or do during sex.  Although you may want to be verbal during sex, there are certain things that should remain thoughts or better yet discussed somewhere else other than in the bedroom during sex.  Here are just a few examples of things you should never say to your man during sex;

Mention your ex; you probably know that he thinks about other women sometimes, and you may be cool with that as long as he doesn’t do it during sex. Well guess what ?that is exactly the same way he feels, so mentioning your ex during sex confirms that you are thinking of someone else and would rather be having sex with them. If he is your boyfriend, mentioning your ex may kill the relationship and not just the moment.

This situation may be easier to deal with when dealing with a one night stand because, but even then, he might feel  that you are using him to get back at your ex . Nobody likes to feel used.

Judge and pressure His Penis; the biggest thing that men feel insecure about is the size of their junk, but you already knew that,  didn’t you? You should because  most   of the insecurity they face comes from women constantly comparing  penis sizes. Now while you can totally compare penis sizes with your girlfriends, don’t do it when he’s around, much less when he’s inside you. Thoughts like, “it could be bigger,” should remain that, just thoughts. Saying things like that out loud, is a real boner blocker and not to mention the damage it could do to his ego.

You could probably get away with it if he’s a one night stand, but it is really cruel even then. And when it comes to your established  relationship, you can start to pack your bags after that blunder.

Also please don’t assault your man’s junk. Don’t let your teeth get in the way during a blow job and don’t get emotional when things are not going as well as you want them to, he’s a human being with feelings and not a sex machine that can get an erection at your command. They same way you girls claim for kind and romantic foreplay before getting into the mood, men may need their time or just have to  feel comfortable and satisfied thinking they are sharing a mutually pleasant moment, not being the sex toys to please the craving girl.

Be visibly tired or have some really lame excuses; Ok I understand that sometimes you can just be off sex and just want to sleep. But if this is how you feel, then tell him before he initiates it and he’s already into it. Don’t wait until he’s already inside you and then say something like, “are you finished yet?” again he is a person with feelings and he wants to please you.

Sex is a two person activity; communicate your feelings to him before you start. And don’t use lame excuses either to get out of having sex, especially if you are in a committed relationship. This is not just good bedroom etiquette but will also go a long way in helping you strengthen your bond as a couple. It totally doesn’t apply to your hook up buddy and most certainly not to the one night stand, although you shouldn’t let them do all the work either.

Mention Kids during sex; the last thing a man wants to hear during sex and especially when he’s inside you is something like, “I can’t wait to have kids.”

If he’s not a one night stand and you’re probably dating, you want to keep this man right? Well saying things like “I wanna have kids” in the heat of things will probably get him running in the other direction.

Not because men are totally turned off by kids, but because to them, having kids is a huge deal and is mostly a result of having sex, if you voice your kid-wanting ambitions during sex, he probably will get really embarrassed and we don’t have to tell you what this will do to his erection.

If he’s your boyfriend and you’re getting pretty serious, you obviously want to discuss this issue, just not during sex but if he’s a one night stand, then you need to reevaluate your definition of a one night stand.

Mention that you’re a virgin; I do realize that there aren’t that many virgins reading this and if there are, then I say there’s never a better time to learn about bedroom blunders before you start making them.

A guy needs to know beforehand that you’re a virgin. If your plan is to lose your virginity without anyone ever finding out you were one, then don’t tell him at all but please make sure that for some reason, it doesn’t come out during sex.

The pressure on the poor guy will be unbelievable and he will probably just leave, not to mention the embarrassment that will follow for the both of you. The best way to handle this is, just don’t let your first time happen without talking about it first. And by talking about it, I mean letting the lucky guy know, but long before having taken the clothes off

Talk about him meeting you parents:   In fact talking about your parents and especially your dad during sex should be outlawed. I still don´t understand why so many girlfriends tend to bring their dad´s to bed….

I know that you are probably excited about him meeting your dad, I understand that it’s a big step in your relationship but don’t say it when he’s inside you .

Remarks like, “I can’t wait for you to meet my dad ” are totally inappropriate and will get the poor guy more nervous about meeting your dad, dad’s don’t like guys who do things like the ones he is currently doing to you with their little girls. Not only will this kill his enthusiasm and erection, it will serve to add even more pressure than he already was feeling about meeting your dad.

Some things you say and do in the bedroom might make you look uncool but   may even work to destroy a perfect  good relationship or just make the eroticism of the moment simply vanish.

Bottom line is before you say and do some things, think of the consequences and quit blaming it on the moment.

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