Bed-talk? Be Smart! Typical Men´s Fatal Errors That Can Make Men Look Like A Fool

Women like to talk and communicate, they are typically much more communicative than men, and it applies to bedtime too.

But there are certain things any men should avoid mentioning or asking during bedtalk unless they want to hear a lie, get a doubtful smile or even worst  get  an“are you being serious?” kind of look. And the warning is even stronger if talking takes place while having sex!

Men should take much care of what they talk about and how they talk about it unless they actually  want to considered as an inexpert fool, unless you are under 20 years of age in which case you could maybe be forgiven and given another chance.

With how many men have you slept before me?  Do you think such a question makes sense when you are dating a modern and sexually active woman? She may respond the truth or not, she may even laugh or get upset because her past life is not your concern.

Her past is not or should not be relevant for you or your relationship, so avoid yourself sounding so immature.

Did  you like it?  So how was I? Please never shot this bullet right after intercourse! This common question can make you face  different but equally disadvantageous situations.

On the first place, if she liked it, as an experienced man you should have noticed. So with such question you are showing not only that you are not as an expert lover as you seemed, but also that you are not very self-confident about your loving skills. So will be losing points on her evaluation of you

What is more, if sex was not as good as  expected or not satisfactory for them at all,  most times women will give a false answer so as not to hurt the man´s feelings. Avoid exposing yourself to receive a pitiful false answer. In fact, if she was pleased and enjoyed, she will let you know, with direct words or with her attitude. If she dates with you again, you can start guessing you did quite good.

Besides, such question evidences your lack of sexual self-confidence too.

My ex always/ never did that . Don´t you ever bring your ex to bed. If during intimacy you mention your ex   this will be like a punch in the stomach for any woman. Her first thought will be that you are still thinking of her (and you actually  are) and, what is worst, that she is being compared with her. So leave your past in the past. On the same line, avoid saying things like “let me show you how I did this with my ex”, or “ you are much better than my ex doing this”. No matter if it is to criticize your ex´s sexual performance, you are still bringing her in and making comparisons.

Will it take you much more time to come? Or Does it always take you so much time?
Such question attests absolute lack of tact and some ignorance regarding feminine sexuality. Women take longer time to achieve orgasm and that is a proven fact. If it is within a settled relationship asking your partner how far from orgasm she is, is acceptable, but for a first intimate encounter this is something you should better not ask. Not only women take longer, but she is just knowing you and that can enlarge her times to reach maximal excitation. Furthermore, you are exposing yourself to be told that she always comes sooner but you didn´t actually turned her on to  make her have an orgasm.

Am I the first one doing this with you? Or have you ever gone to bed on the first date before ?
If you are on an established relationship probably those things will come up to surface sometime, but do not ask them if you are just starting dating with her, and much less right in bed. They are inappropriate and she will probably dislike having you digging into her past sexual life, and may even take it offensively. Her past sex life is hers as your´s is yours and each one is entitled to share part of it or not.

Thank you. Never ever say thanks to a woman after having had sex!  If you are trying to be gentle or kind you are totally wrong! She is not making you a favor! She had sex with you because she wanted as much as you to have a  good time. No one is doing a favor to anyone,  sex is a shared experience from which both parts intend to enjoy.  Besides, such phrase sounds more like a commercial deal among a prostitute and a client. If your intentions are to compliment her just express how good it was or how much you enjoyed.

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