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There is nothing more satisfying at the end of the day than to end your day with a good huh. You have spent the whole of your day sweating from helter skater of the day.   You got to look for a shade at least. What do you do? Meet your friends at the bar for a cold beer? Do you know how to leave the stress of the day aside? The rich know exactly how to do this and the night club owners     know   how to provide what they need for those necessary moments of night time liberation. There are beer bars and there are night clubs that are only accessible by those who have fat wallets and know what they are looking for in night clubs. They do not care about the quantity of the cash to be spent but the quality of fun they will get. I am going to take you through the most exclusive and expensive night clubs in the world, where fun, glamour, lavishness and wealth blend as ingredients of a delicious cocktail.

Some of the night clubs you got to be a member otherwise you won’t get access. However, in odd cases you can be allowed if you are just too rich, too beautiful or if you are famous to be welcomed as a v.i.p.

The Billionaire Night Club Istanbul:

The Billionaire Night Club Istanbul
This one of the most exclusive night clubs in the world. As the name suggests, it is for the rich. This night club is in the heart of Turkey and to be more specific in Levent, the financial district. It is open on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The club has several levels with vip areas with unique view of the dance floor.  The night club is built in such a way that the view of the entertainment dais is simply spectacular. The inside décor is a mixture of modern style and opulent and lavish details. The night club offers gourmet meals that are provided by the exclusive restaurant Cipriani, also located at the prominent The Edition Hotel, home of this unique club too. The night club provides exclusive though expensive services that include drinks and music of the finest (and most expensive) taste.

Cirque Le Soir:

Cirque Le Soir london
Cirque Le Soir is another exclusive and expensive night club inaugurated in Ganton street London in 2009. The Cirque Le Soir is located in a deluxe environment where you are first mesmerized by the spectacular of the ushers who welcome you to luxurious ambiance of the night club. The entertainment includes magic performers, fire eaters and aerial acts. There is also a live band performance with electric guitars and other powerful band performances. The night club also includes exclusive indoor games. They also have a website where you can make booking online. The night club is such convenient. They have another venue in Shanghai and an amazing venue in the exuberant Dubai.

The Womb Night Club:

The Womb Night Club
The other night club I would like to bring to your notice is The Womb Night Club in Tokyo Japan. This is an exclusive and expensive night club that occupies four floors.  It is the most frequented night club in Tokyo by the jet set and high end ones who enjoy frantic nights. The security of this night club is very tight as the clientele involves individuals of high protocols. The first floor of Womb Night Club is occupied by a restaurant that sells all types of delicacies in terms of food. The second floor is a vast of a large dancehall. It also provides a amazing place where the clientele can enjoy a drink as well as music which provided by a live band and high class deejays. The third and fourth floors are occupied by lounges that are exclusively designed for the comfort, pleasure and entertainment of those that can afford it. The comfort in their lounges is unexplainable. Ensure that you carry your identification   if you wish to visit the place since the security checkups includes a thorough scrutiny of it.

The Copacabana- Dubai

The Copacabana- Dubai
The Copacabana is another exclusive and one of the most expensive night clubs in Dubai. When in Dubai, which is the heartbeat of the United Arab Emirates, you can visit Copacabana where you can get unforgettable experience. You have to cough fifty dirham to access this night club. The security is tight to grant the vip clients the security they demand. The most peculiar thing about this night club is the dancehall which is made of sand which is a rarity and is part of a rustic decoration that includes cabanas and bamboo railing. It also provides the widest range of sophisticated drinks including varied worldwide selected wines. Exquisites snacks are offered to accompany the varied drinks.  You cannot access this night club if you are less than twenty five years old and it is recommended to book with anticipation otherwise, entrance is not granted.

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