Top Places Worldwide To Go Skiing This Winter

It’s that time of the year again when we get to enjoy one of nature’s most amazing things:  snow. It is winter-land again in our back yards and front porches. The kids are excited to build another snowman this year while the teenagers are thinking about ice skating. Most grown up are already used to the snow and more often than not are grumpy over just how the windshield is constantly covered in snow. They are thinking about making the roads and driveways drivable once more.

The main aim of this article is to take peoples thoughts away from the cleaning and more of enjoying the snow; ‘dirt can be good’. For many, skiing is a sport while for others it is a recreational   activity. The focus here is on skiing for leisure and the best places in the world to enjoy it.

Borovets, Bulgaria 

Everybody wants to have a good time but more often than not, these good times imply too much   digging very deep into the pockets. Having a good time will always be a very fulfilling experience when it does not leave someone,   bankrupt. In no way does this mean that people should settle for low quality provisions, no. it simply means getting that place that offers not too expensive – high quality stuff. The Borovets in Bulgaria is such a place. It has an amazing view of the snow covered grounds. There are ski schools for kids when it’s a family ski trip. Inghams offers villas for night boarding. Additionally, they offer quality baby care services for those with toddlers at amazing prices. Mom no longer has to be nanny-24/7. She gets to want the cake and eat it too!

Banff, Canada

Who said there are no great skiing regions in Canada? Just because their whiskey is not the best, does not mean they have bad landscapes. Enough with the jokes! Because if there is something Canadians have are breathtaking skiing sites. Banff town has a great place to ski and it gets better! This area is within the Banff National Park. There is lovely wildlife to gaze at as one goes down the snow. These animals, like the elk, are often seen wondering around town, without a care in the world. Isn’t that just amazing? Now that trip was long and tiring; good rest is paramount.

The Fairmont Banff Springs is an amazing place to let loose and relax. Being a five star hotel with hot tubs and spa lounges, it is to die for! Another place that would be great to check out as an alternative to Fairmont is Rimrock luxury hotel, also five stars and just as good as you could expect.

Courchevel, France

We cannot forget France. The Courchevel resort consists of four villages. It provides options for beginners at skiing. This means the kids are definitely covered. It also provides a skiing experience for those more acquainted with the sport; this one is more challenging than the former. This makes Courchevel a ‘plus’ family resort since it covers everybody. Guests get to relax in their ‘chambres’ for two at an amazing price of 500 pounds per head. They also arrange return flights for interested guests, especially those who do not have their personal travel agents.

Canazei, Italy

Skiers often find the slopes of the Canazei with great ease. They make   a great ski location. Ever heard of the après-ski places? Derived from the French word after, these are spots for relaxing after the ski trip is over. The Canazei has a very good number of those. To top it off, guests are offered nanny services for those with young kids. Going on vacation with the kids but still having some adult time off sounds more than convenient and appealing!

Aspen, Colorado

For relaxation, winter sports and social life, this ski spot is like no other. It has life and a history. No wonder people from all over the world fly to this top-notch region. It was not just built for the purpose of skiing. It has residents   which make the region be full of life and anyone can easily feel at home and not out of touch with the world. It would make for a great place to relax for a writer in the middle of a book. Additionally, kids can make some new friends and have their own fun while adults have their relax too. It is the whole package, with amazing hills and views, covered in snow all over winter. Colorado has 54 peaks and six of these rise very high in Aspen, at over 14000 feet.  Skiing cannot get any better!

Purgatory, Durango

Well there’s a scary name! Some would brush this place off after reading that name but wait a minute. There is an amazing park in Africa, Hell’s Gate. Despite the name, this place has nothing to do with hell. In fact it’s a winter heaven on earth. Likewise, Purgatory is just a name and it can be fascinating for those willing to see   a broader view. Also called Durango, it offers skiing when the season permits it and stays accessible as long as the weather is conducive. Now there’s a resort that cares for its’ customers.  Additionally, ice for skating is available all the way from November to March. This is because Durango is equipped with a refrigeration unit that keeps the ice frozen that long. How cool is that!

When looking for a place to enjoy the holidays, fun is the most sought-after result. Preparation is the key to achieving this.   Plenty Ski resorts are available   in the regions that receive winter with open hearts and ready-to-go skis.  The places mentioned above guarantee their clients a great time, amazing landscapes, recognized skiing resorts and an overall infrastructure and touristic services conceived to give visitors the outdoor sports fun as well as the overall relax and enjoyment of top rated winter resorts. Visit any of them once and they’ll have you counting days to the next winter season!

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