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With the rate at which the world moves, we all need a break. Leisure time is much harder to some by so for most of us when it does come, we do not pass the chance off. We make the most of it. For instance casinos have become a favourite among many people. In the simplest terms, a casino is a building structure that is put up mainly to host gambling activities. Such are a favourite among most people some who even become addicted to the gambling activities. These establishments mostly have in built hotels or are attached to cruise ships to mention a few.

One would wonder why people who go to the casino are always losing forward to the next time they will play. There is never a guarantee that one will win when they gamble on any ordinary night. The activities of the casino are all about luck and skill on some level. Some people have lost a lot of money indulging in games at the casinos but they only go ever more often. They claim to love the adrenaline rush that goes with the experiences at the casinos. It is never a sure thing. The more they lose, the more they feel obliged to play to try winning back their money. However in most cases, some people just find themselves banking a streak of losses. So what exactly is it about these amazing casinos that keep their customers going back for more? We take a look at the top 5 casinos to get a taste of the world of gambling.

The Venetian Casino, China.

The Venetian Casino, ChinaThere is no doubt that this is the top casino in the world. Located in China, it is a haven for most gamblers for its novelty and its features. It occupies well over 540000 square feet of land housing 3000 machine games! It has 870 table and poker games. The venetian also houses 24 bars and restaurants so their clients do not have to move out to convenient stores for food drinks. There are also 3000 luxury rooms under the same roof that serve their clients day to day. This casino is so exciting since their customers have all they need to burry themselves in here for days on end if they want to.

The Venetian has a sister casino that is based in Las Vegas and together they are owned by the Sheldon Adelson’s Las Vegas Sands.

City of Dreams

City of Dreams CasinoAnother casino located in China, this one stretches over 420000 square feet and has 1350 gaming machines, a number less than half of the Venetian in China. In the City of dreams, there are 520 poker and table games, with 14 bars and restaurants. Their luxury rooms are 1400 in number.  Compared with the Venetian, this particular casino is more family oriented. It also fits the profile of a nice place where a couple can go together and still get to share their romance.

This casino is located right next to the Venetian which makes them arch enemies in the casino business. It is however much louder, not in the sense of loud music as in clubs. It is loud in terms of the way it glows. City of dreams really is a dream to behold with all the colours that it flashes thanks to the different lights incorporated inside it.

Foxwoods Resorts

Foxwoods Resorts CasinoIn terms of size and the land occupied, the Foxwoods Resorts are smaller compared to the above mentioned casinos in China. It covers a land of 340000 square feet. However, it has a whopping 7000 gaming machines, with only 400 poker and table games.  Their bars and restaurants make a total of 29 with over 2000 luxury rooms inclusive. Foxwoods Resorts is located in the United States, specifically in Connecticut. It also hosts one of the fanciest hotels; Hard Rock Café. It is also family friendly with a two storey arcade that is amazing for kids to hang out at.

MGM Grand Casino

MGM Grand CasinoLas Vegas. Whenever someone mentions gambling and casinos Las Vegas pops up in most peoples’ minds, myself included. I know they say that New York is the city that never sleeps. Using that analogy, this city, literally is the home for all professional gamblers.  Las Vegas is always happening; fun, fun and more fun. The MGM is housed inside the third grandest hotel in the world. it measures a little over 171000 square feet. It has 139 poker and table games with just about 2500 machines.

People play for bets that range from one cent to as high as $1000. Others who are crazy enough do make payments of a shocking half a million dollars! The MGM casino is a gold mine.  It is a common practise for the customers to place bets on the outcomes of sports games, mostly soccer, football and boxing. For the fun of such bets, the MGM has an arena that is laced with 60 plasma screens where their clients can watch the games.

The Bellagio, Las Vegas

The Bellagio, Las VegasLike the grand casino mentioned above, the Bellagio is owned by the MGM Resorts that also has its heart in the sin city of Las Vegas. Its most spectacular feature is without a doubt the fountains that adorn its entrance giving it an elegance that is unmatchable. They are exquisite to view during the day as well as in the night time. These waters were once featured in award winning movies such as 21, Ocean’s 11 and the Hangover.

Among gamblers this casino is a favourite because of the poker rooms that have managed to make a name for themselves. They even have a nick name, ‘The Office’. It is often frequented by professionals who love gambling.

Casinos are obviously money makers for their owners and they serve the purpose by engaging people in thrilling indoor games. The above mentioned are fun places with all the games one could ever imagine being available. Staying at them is the ultimate experience that always leaves one wanting to come back for more.

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