The Erotic Spanking

Sep 21, 2013

Erotic Spanking


Erotic spanking is sometimes the practice of a kinky fetish or simply performed as an erotic tool for spicing up the sex life. Even with the strong desire to spank your wife, every man must be sure that she will enjoy the feeling. Although the urge to spank your woman may come natural to you, she may or may not gain pleasure from dominating sex. If she does consider it, be cautious of how, when, and at what tempo you should spank her before introducing it to your sex life. It is good to mutually fantasize about being dominated, and then both of you will discover the amazing perks of spanking.

In many cases, sensuous spanking is exciting and stimulating. While there are several options for spanking a butt, it is recommended that you start with an open hand. The open hand offers a slightly harsh contact with the buttocks, yet still, it is sure to entice a sensual response to her burning tendencies. While there are an abundance of props available for spanking, like the paddle or a whip, the hand gives you the full feel and connection of an erotic ass-spanking.

Always remember, whichever prop you use to spank your wife, there is a correct and incorrect way to dominate. Spanking her the appropriate way makes it enjoyable and you will also feel the thrill of her reaction. Of course, you both have the option to spank before, during, and after sex. But an absolute erotic start is to spank her exclusively. Instead of erratically winding up, simply rub your hands together to ensure that they are warm and ready to connect with her soft skin. Choose which hand you prefer to spank her with- even both, just not simultaneously. Be sure that you do not spank both cheeks at the same time to avoid inadequacy or unfortunate accidents.

Because you are learning how to spank your wife, it is important that you position yourself in a way that you are able to maneuver yourself freely and precisely. You do not want to smack her on the back or thigh. In fact, you want to aim for the meatiest part of her buttocks, the middle. Immediately after spanking her butt, rub the area for a moment with your hand before attempting to spank her again. While carrying out your domineering sexual fantasy, allow your hand to guide you. Keep your hand solid and slightly cupped. This ensures a great deal of pressure, a nice sound, and a slight sting. Give yourself plenty of room to freely raise your arm to smack on the bottom. You can either stand or sit in a position that allows your arm to swing, while maintaining control and deterring any unattended mis-smacks.

When this is done the right way, your woman will moan in delight. There are even times when a woman may prefer to spank her husband. Some men are submissive to their wives and spanking is a sexual disciplinary response; enjoyed by both the male and the female. In either case, spanking is an art of pleasure, so take your time and lose yourself in this erotic pain of pleasure.

The erotic display of dominance and discipline offers a unique kind of sexual release for your woman. Once you have spanked her, finish her off with unbridled sexual experiences and pleasures that she will surely love. Although there are many forms of dominating sex, such as tying her up and ravishing her, spanking your wife makes her intensely aroused. It is true, many women endure repressed desires; having tendencies for dominant sex to be inflicted upon them. The intensity of a good spanking demonstrates masculinity, raw and primitive sexuality. The relationship between a man and his woman that involves erotic spanking in their sexual libido tempts her urge to run her nails down your back, while also embracing the sheer physicality of phenomenal sex.

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