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Being realistic, everything is valid when it comes to sex and what is comprised on what is acceptable or not depends on each individual. Besides, it is also known that not all people find pleasure, sexual pleasure with the same things or practices. Therefore, no matter how realistic we are, or how open-minded we can be when it comes to accepting the fact that each one is free to find his/her own ways of enjoyment, there are certain sexual practices that for the vast majority of us are considered strange, odd, disgusting, sordid or  plainly morally unacceptable. Some of them fall into the category of what mental health professionals and sexologists call paraphilias.  So, let´s see what is conceptually considered a paraphilias and, yes, probably one or more of your own regular sexual practices falls onto this category, which doesn´t mean you are necessarily mentally insane or morally wrong but you will find that some others are on the edge or even trespassed the edge of sane judgment and moral.

Well, what are paraphilias then? Someone has a paraphilia when they are sexually attracted to objects or people in a way that is outside the norm. A paraphilia is a pattern of sexual behavior in which the main source of pleasure is not found on coitus but on some certain thing or activity accompanying or substituting it. It can be identifiable by the concern of the individual on concerning the object or behavior up to the point of depending on it in order to obtain sexual pleasure. ´

Simply said, if you find your sexual arousal and pleasure on a practice or object that is different from typical sex conduct or from what the majority do and accept you might have a paraphilia.  It is important to clarify though, that if someone get´s to enjoy some of this practices every now and then, but they do not constitute their only mean of sexual excitement and pleasure, they shall not necessarily have a paraphilia.

Ok, now, let’s take a look at the oddest ones, because no matter if we approve them or not, they actually occur and probably more than what we imagine.

AT, or animal training:  is a sexual game in which one member of the couple interprets the role of an animal. The “animal” imitates the real behavior of the animal, wear the accessories that we would normally put to that particular animal and even eat that animal´s food. Dogs are the preferred ones; fortunately these human-dogs are not allowed to walk freely on the park.

Stuffing: This practice that sounds quite painful consists of introducing thin and cylindrical objects (such as thermometers, wires, pens, etc., etc., ) on the male member´s orifice so as to gradually augment the diameter of the urethra over time.

Abasiophilia:  This fetish implies and object and a person using or wearing that particular object. The subject feels sexually aroused by the person wearing or utilizing that special kind of object. Typically, the individual feels attraction to someone injured or limited for instance someone depending on a wheelchair, brace or any other orthopedic devices.

Coprophilia: Is the term of the sexual attraction towards feces. Basically, the partner releases the feces in the lover´s face. Coprophiliacs feel sexually excited either by the smell, the taste or texture of feces. No need to say that this odd sexual practice can lead to awful smelling!

Erotic asphyxia: It’s the sexual practice in which someone enjoys cutting their own air supply of while masturbating or having it cut off by the partner during sex. Practitioners claim it leads to more enjoyable orgasms. Needless to say that getting too aroused with this could lead to deadly consequences, which are not regular but have been related though. So, watch out your belt or tie if you are not confident on your partner’s ability to lose it quickly enough.

Plushophilia: If you always thought that stuffed animals or animal plush costumes where kids stuff…then let me tell you that you were wrong.  Some people get hot with stuffed animals or with people wearing plush animal costumes. It must be tickling…

Partialism: This is when someone has a sexual interest on a particular body part excluding the genitals. Foot fetishism or podophila is the most common one, but some people have a fixation of armpits, noses, hair, etc…

Klismaphilia: Some of us hate it when the doctor´s recommend us having an enema while other start moaning just from imagining it. This paraphilia is when someone gets sexual satisfaction from the introduction of fluids into the anus. The satisfaction comes from the feeling of fullness or inner pressure on the anus. Let´s face it, depending on the liquid it could be a healthy practice, as well as hazardous depending on what you are getting yourself inside. So, if you are giving this a try, make sure that you don´t chose a substance that may harden inside or you may find yourself in a complicated situation, such as the 27 years old guy who had a epoxy resin enema…

Lactaphilia or erotic lactation: This is an adult nursing relationship performed by many heterosexual and lesbian couples. Milk is somehow perceived as a nurturing substance and it´s similarity to ejaculation is very arousing for many. In BDSM, milk is given to the slave as a reward or the slave is demanded by the dominant one as part of her submission.

Urophilia or Urolagnia: Refers to the sexual pleasure obtained from urine. Both giver and receiver enjoy the act as well. It may be a way of fulfilling domination and/humiliation fantasies. Peeing on the partners face or body is known as “giving the golden shower”.

We have mentioned just a few ones here, the list goes on and on…we could probably write many more articles on them but the point is, so far that we all enjoy sex and sexual activities but, definitely, the ways of achieving it vary a lot from one to another…what you find repulsive is what can lead your friend or colleague to amazing orgasms….

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