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Feb 27, 2014

Sexy Gifts To Amaze And Turn Your Partner On This Christmas

Christmas is approaching and it means we have to start thinking of buying gifts for the family, for our friends and for our “other half”. We tend to think of buying her a perfume, some jewelry, clothes, shoes or handbags. But, hey, let´s take advantage of it and let´s come up with a sexy gift that will not only surprise her and turn her on, but also give you the chance of enjoying it with her! So, this Christmas, let´s get sexy! Here are some ideas to make you wisely spend your bucks.

Propose her a relaxing weekend out of home and book a hotel room in a sexy place, with all the amenities to enjoy a sexy hot night. Chose a nice room with the proper decoration to let you experience your most sordid sexual fantasies, with room service, champagne, bubbling Jacuzzi and even with a pole for her to liberate her sensuality with pole dance just for you!  Women like to get sexy, so give her all the ambiance and comfort for her liberation (and your enjoyment!).

If you are on a budget, well simply give her a card with a note saying something like “valid for a sensual massage by your server”. For the chosen night, prepare your home and specially your bedroom for the occasion. Include candle lights, sensual background music and wait her sexually dressed (a robe, or new boxers) and please her body from heat to toes with an exciting massage session.  Believe me that after 40 minutes of just your hands going up and down with gentle strokes in all –all – her body, she will not only be totally relaxed but also ready for a happy ending!

Toys. Yes, buy her toys and package them in a nice box and wrap it. Imagine her surprise when opening the box and finding a good assortment of sexual toys!  Hey, believe me that she will get astonished, she will be probably expecting to find another pair of boots in the box. Of course, don´t give her your present if family or friends are around!

Does she like reading? Then get her a book! But not any book, an erotic book! This will set her on the mood for action and maybe will like to represent some of the erotic scenes described on it. Erotic literature has a great impact on female´s minds; it nurtures their sexual fantasies and increases their libido. You can propose her to read it together and…well, after a few pages the book will probably end up on the bedroom floor.

Is she an extroverted girl? She likes being a hot babe? Why don´t you surprise her giving her the opportunity of showing off as a sexy model? Contact a professional photographer and book a studio session for her to have sexy pics taken. She will adore it and you can keep some of the photos for your private moments in solitude.

Become her sexual Christmas gift. If you are going to be alone, when the time to exchange gifts come, go and get ready. Dress up as a sexy gift, and give her a note with an statement such as “I´m your sex gift, do whatever you want with me”. She will get it and will surely start using you for the night!

And, last but not least, surprise her with sexy lingerie. Women love receiving sexy lingerie as a gift from their men. That tells them their partners consider them hot babes, also that they are desired and they are the sexy baby of their fantasies.  What about a sexy Santa costume? Furthermore, get some erotic costumes for both and engage yourselves in a hot Christmas role play and…exchange gifts!

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