Sex in the Office

Nov 4, 2021

Have you ever made out at work?  Sex is everywhere.Imagine having a torrid sex in the office.

Isn’t it something thrilling or you would find it awkward?  We think, no hot sex would be described awkward.  It will always be worth the adventure.  Office works can give you so much pressure, stress and sometimes will let you go through dry spells.  It would be great to cut off the tension with a little play time in the work place.  Do you have a crush on your strict, very manly and decent boss?  Do you desire to kiss his red sweet lips?  Who knows he is also fantasizing about you!

Hitting with coworkers isn’t surprising nowadays.  It will all start with flirtatious glances.  Then the aura heats up and you will start kissing and stripping the clothes off.  There are many areas of the office where you can have a pop.  Here’s a collection of wildest sex in the office stories.

When The Cat Is Away, The Mouse Will Play
A girl has a boyfriend who uses a common office with his boss.  The boss was out for one week when she dropped by to bring his hot boyfriend a luscious lunch.  The supposedly sumptuous lunch turned into juicy sex inside the office.  They were torridly kissing, stripping each other’s clothes.  The girl was on top of him first then they shift positions.  They were on their peak when the phone rings and it is registered in the caller ID that it was the boss calling.  The boyfriend must answer!  They were having an erotic sex while the boyfriend spoke to the boss! Regardless the other employees and people walking past around the building, they had a blast!

On The Swivel Chair
A secretary who is very stirring in her skirt seduces his boss.  She has always been attracted to his boss.  One afternoon, when she was in his office, she was staring at seductively staring at him.  The naughty boss stared back at her and suddenly he grabbed her and kissed her torridly.  The playful secretary suddenly unzipped his pants, pushed him to sit on the swivel chair and boom! She gave him a blow job.  The scene heated up more.  They were blazing.  The boss was fingering the secretary then.  Afterwards, the secretary sat on his lap to get on him.  It was one kind of incredible sex!

The New Style
A couple is both working in a real estate company.  They both are stressed and pressured at work.  There was a time they got themselves alone in the office.  It wasn’t the first time they have done it there but they say this one was quite different.  They took everything that’s on top the desk.  Clearly, they are clearing the area for the desk was their favorite spot.  She was laying down the desk and he undressed her.  He removed her pants and took off her shirt and bra.   He was fiercely looking at her while he was removing his pants down.  They both feel it they own the world that time.  She was expecting that he would climb up the desk to be on top of her but surprisingly, he latch on to my legs and move down my whole body approaching him and he ascended his legs to his shoulders.  He was fucking her greatly that he said she wouldn’t be longing for sex for days.

Caught In The Act
These two coworkers are always making love in the work place. They are office hook ups.   She was giving him a stirring blow job when a night cleaning crew suddenly opened the door’s office.  They were surprised and felt embarrassed.  But that night cleaning crew suddenly felt hotness in their ambiance.  He suddenly joined the play!  It was like an office sex party; they had threesome!  The girl gave that crew a sumptuous blow job.  The two men sucked up her breasts as if they were infants hungry for milk.  They are very horny and enjoying each other’s body and company.  Three is indeed a crowd.

Busy Street
This couple is in the boy’s office on the fourth floor of a building.  The office has a huge tinted window that overlooks to a busy street.  The boyfriend suddenly turned the lights off, undressed his girlfriend and explored her body.  He had her sit on his lap and played on her tits.  He was squeezing her breasts while spinning the chair to look out the busy street.  It gave them great excitement to have the orgasm while watching people come and go.

Office is not that stressful anyway.  We can always turn or shift the mood away by making out and have some fun with naughty coworkers and partners.  It is exploring something new and making some sort of laughable memories.

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