The Most Popular Nude Beaches Of The World

A nude beach is a place where people have the right, granted by the law, to be naked.

Some people confuse nude beaches with topless beaches. A topless beach is one where people have a legal right to hang at the beach without any attire covering their chest per say. It applies for both men and women. For most people, nudity is a thing that should be preserved for the eyes of a few select. Say for a girl, nudity with her boyfriend and for some even with their girlfriends is acceptable. It is a personal choice and most people are shy about being nude in front of other people. Nude beaches are not a common occurrence but they do exist. As times change, people have become more and more open to some ideas which in the past seemed insane! In the case of nude beaches, they became a more acceptable incident in the mid-20th century. Let us therefore look at the top nude beaches of the globe.

  • Leucate Plage, FranceAs mentioned above, nudity at beaches became a popular idea in the 1950s. The first people to make their peace with this whole naturist  thing were the French. Therefore it should not be a surprise that the top position belongs to a beach in France. Leucate Plage is not just a nude beach; it is the mother of all nude beaches, it is the classic nudist beach with golden sands and calm sparkling waters . For decades this beach has become a place where people can go to be free; to commune with nature.It is a picturesque location where naturist families choose to just lay down and get that perfect tanning and liberating experience.One can be totally undressed and some say that those visitors that are shy are often requested to let it all come down and pave the grounds in their birthday suits! Interesting, isn’t it?
  • Lokrum Island, CroatiaNow this is the right place to let loose. This naturist area is in Croatia a region that so far is known to have many places where people have a legal right to practise naturism. These places are 30 in total. The beach on this island may be rocky, which is a downside but it is less populated here.  Lokrum Island is home to only a few establishments, namely;
    • A botanical garden
    • A French fort
    • A restaurant
    • A Benedictine monastery
    This in turn translates to a more relaxed environment where someone is more at liberty to be nude. There is not much human traffic and those who are shy are not under much pressure to be nude or otherwise.
  • Grande Saline, St BartsOn this beach there are no joints that offer food or drinks, leave alone rest-rooms. It is a great place for beginners since there is more privacy so it is a place that is secluded. It has sandy beach with a lot of windy activity. This should not however discourage anyone from visiting this place. It does not have many palm trees as some other nude beaches do so there is not much shade to count on. The water is however blue and has a very appealing crystal clear appearance.It is also located in France like the CHM named above and it has a neighbouring beach, the Gouverneur.  However this one is trickier to swim at since the waves can be excessive. The Grande Saline got its name from the salty pond that is just next to it.
  • Orient Bay Beach,  St. MarteenThis particular beach is on the Riviera of French St. Marteen and it also just happens to be the most popular and visited beach of the  Island. Unlike the Grande Saline that is more or less devoid of shade, it  has a very nice layout that has some convenient palm trees. These trees come in handy whenever the sun shines too hot. Additionally, there are many places where people can relax near the beach. They have restaurants all over the place as well as hotels which people can decide on. This way the people can just hang around the beach for long durations then settle in at their convenience.The most interesting thing about this beach would be the night parties that go down. They attract major crowds which are inclusive of both locals and tourists from all over the world. Bars and restaurants are directly situated on the beach, and all sort of water sports are available for the fun of adults and kids.
  • Plakias BeachGreece is home to this this top 5 nude beach. It also happens to be among the largest beaches in Crete. Unlike most beaches that are empty with reference to the surrounding physical features, save for like palm trees, the Plakias is overlooked by some cliffs that are a must see. They have a top of the charts regarding scuba diving reputation, as well as wind surfing which is a great way to utilise the winds the Island often experiences.This beach has all the necessities visitors to it would be in need of. They also have showers that the people could make use of while at the beach, especially if they are local visitors, since they are not likely to book rooms around the beach.

Searching for the perfect beach to be nude is a fun experience. The key factors to look t are for example the concessions that are available at the beach. If one wants a place that is secluded from the public, they can look at a place such as the Grande Saline. However those that want to be close to their rooms are more likely to pick a beach like Orient Bay. One should also consider the recreational activities and amenities offered at the beach such as restaurants, bars, or water-sports.

The choice to be nude is completely a personal one and on these beaches, there is no judgement whatsoever. People visit these locations to be free and let lose. In any case, we were all born nude.

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