Aug 25, 2013

Placentophagy: The Latest Trend Among Celebrities

Placentophagy is the act that many mammals do after giving birth: they eat their placenta! Nowadays human placentophagy is becoming more and more common and seems to be the latest trend among celebrities who think it will rejuvenate them.

The growing popularity of this phenomenon is based on the belief that is can give the mother many health benefits and also revitalize and rejuvenate them. But up to date,  there is no proven scientific evidence to prove this.

There are many Internet websites that claim the benefits of this practice and there are many recipes that explain how to prepare and how to ingest it. Some do it just raw, some dry  it and prepare capsules, others enrich it and flavor it with different herbs.

Even though it is widely discussed on the media nowadays, placentophagy is not a new therapy. Chinese medicine claims that the placenta or Zi He Che strengthens the body, meliorates blood quality and if combined with certain herbs it fights different conditions.

Effective or not,natural for ones and disgusting for many, the fact is that more and more celebrities are claiming they did or are planning to do it.

Back in 2006,  Katie Holmes told to the media that she would eat it for it´s high nutritional values, even though soon afterwards her husband Tom Cruise said it had been just a joke.

In February, former playboy bunny Holly Madison confessed that she was seriously evaluating converting her placenta into capsules and taking them after giving birth to her daughter Rainbow.

Kim Kardashian as seen on her show, asked her doctor why shouldn´t a normal human want to eat their placenta. Thinking that it would make her look younger, she said she planned to do it.

In response to this growing trend, Dr Manny Alvarez, health editor for Fox News , reminded in his column that the placenta has always been considered bioharzardous material, since being human tissue it can transmit infections and it is normally thrown into a box with other products who are destined to be cremated. If one patient asks for it, it does not affect normal  safety procedures, but when ten women are asking for it, new regulations and safety precautions should be taken.

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