Jun 4, 2013

Petting: Sex Without Penetration 

A sexual relationship does not need to include penetration to be satisfactory and produce intense orgasms. It is the typical practice of teenagers who kiss, caress, touch and spend long time knowing and pleasing each other without intercourse.

More and more, this practice is extending to adults who find with it a way to experience  passion arousal and orgasm without coitus.

What makes it interesting for adult couples?  Because it is a refreshing and libido re-activating practice. Once we reach adulthood we start to give less importance and time to sexual foreplay, and petting allow us to re discover that sex is not just about coitus and that there are many ways to give and obtain pleasure.

When sex has become a routinized mechanical  act among a couple, practicing petting can be the activity that will allow to feel again erotic sensations we have   forgotten. It allows couples not only to escape from routine and renew some sensual emotions, but also to re discover each other  and it makes them use their creativity to find different ways to turn on and please their partner.

Maybe you may thing that it makes no sense in practicing petting when you have an active sexual life, but in fact you will be feeling forgotten and new sensations. Petting can be highly aphrodisiac since the sole fact of knowing that there will be no penetration increases sexual excitement and desire.

Petting can be used to know the partner´s body and to communicate which are your most erogenous zones. It is a fantastic way to discover new sources of pleasure.

It is an enjoyable practice to nurture our sexual creativity. For instance, mouth can be used not only for kissing but for licking and caressing the different body parts too. Sensual massage can be used to enhance pleasure, mutual masturbation can be part of it, an any other act not involving intercourse can be part of highly erotic experience whose ultimate challenge is to reach climax without coitus.

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