Nightlife in New York

New York City is known to be one of the most crowded cities in the United States and described as the trend setter of the world.  It is the center for business, finance, technology and fashion.  Behind its busy streets and high end lifestyle is wicked madness for night life and parties –It’s the drinkers’ city. Let’s check out these top bars and clubs to make sure that you are having your best nights at the Big Apple that never sleeps.

Partying and nightlife in New York comes with variation. It depends on your interests and personality.  If you love hilarity, check out New York’s comedy clubs. If you have the thing for walking in and walking out, there are some bars with no cover charge so there’s no balefulness to check in and meet new people and make new friends! If Music is your world, there are numerous music lounges and bars in this so called Music capital of the world.  New York has the most energetic and entertaining teen agers but bars have strict ID compliance when it comes to partying.  There are bars available that would cater these super fun young people that wouldn’t say no to your dolled up style.

Here are some of hottest bars in New York:

Bossa Nova Civic Club

This is a topically themed bar in Bushwick located at 1271 Myrtle Ave, Brooklyn NY.  It has a large dancing area that is perfect for all night dancing.  Bossa Nova has accommodating bartenders, never lousy music, good ambience and atmosphere.  They have pungent and inexpensive drinks. There Bossa Nova cocktail is a must try!

No. 8

No. 8 is located in the soul of New York’s flourishing Chelsea art district, 357 West 16th Streetwhere you can enjoy good food and night life at the same time.  It is known for being its high end accommodation where you can enjoy your privacy.  It has an alluring U shaped bar with a communal lounge area and enormous banquet tables around.


This is for the music lovers.  Cielo  grants your desire of passionate and stirring house and electronic music.  The space is great for dancing and drinking.  The ambiance is luxurious and gorgeous that is perfect for the party hard night.


Element offers Classy and high fashioned lounge just for you.  They have big space for you to enjoy they’re hip hop music so you can dance all night. Element is located at 225 East Houston street.

Kiss & Fly

Kiss and fly has this European atmosphere due to its Aer’s old location.  It’s located at 409 W 13th Street.

Reservations are needed in Kiss and fly. It is how it is done here.

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