NBA Finals 2013

Jun 21, 2013

Historic NBA Finals 2013:


With a breathtaking performance of its star LeBron James, Miami Heat was crowned in i´ts own territory as the champion of the 2012-2013 NBA season beating the Spurs on the seventh game, winning the 4-3 series.

It was a high quality encounter with the two best NBA teams. The Heats, with the sensational performance of James all along the game, revalidated their champions tittle against the brave Spurs who did all merits to obtain their fifth tittle of the league.

In a game that could also be called LeBron´s night, LeBron James had 37 points and 12 rebounds, leading the Heat to a victory, acquiring their second straight championship and giving Miami it´s third franchise tittle after the ones achieved in 2012 y 2006. The most remarkable fact was that he emerged as the team leader on the most decisive moments, and put the gold seal when 28 seconds before the end of the game he scored the final points that ensured the epic victory of the Heats giving them an advantage of 4 points against the Spurs. The Argentinian Manu Ginóbili who had been playing a great game, lost the golden ball on the following possession and the moment was for James who with two more points made the big celebration party began since triumph was now assured.

In a smothering game, James had the invaluable support of his mates Dwyane Wade who added 23 points and 10 rebounds, Shane Battier with 18 points on six 3- pointers and Mario Chalmers with 14, including a triple scored at the end of third period which gave the Heats the partial advantage of 72-71 but raised their moral to sky towards the fourth decisive period.

It was a nerve-breaking game, with Miami losing the ball 16 times costing them 16 points and The Spurs losing 15 and giving strong fight during the entire game, explaining with their performance why they are considered one of the best teams of their times. Tim Duncan had 24 points and Kawhi Leonard ( who seems to be the Spurs future big star) 19, followed by the argentinian Manu Ginóbili with 18 and Tony Parker with 10 points. In this occasion, Parker failed to be the winning factor for his team and it was in fact his worst offensive game on the finals. Danny Green, hero of the 3 victories of the Spurs, in this vital and decisive game could only score 5 points, far from what he has usually been accomplishing.

One of the most exciting moments was when The Spurs pulled to within 90-88 when there were just two minutes left. Tim Duncan was the attacking figure of the Spurs, but also was responsible of determinant moments for the Spurs when he failed his traditional approaches by the line.

The pressure of the game was outstanding since the very first moments when both teams lost the ball several times and spent about 3 minutes without making any point until Tony Parker finally opened the board.

Each quarter of the game was intense with both teams alternating the leadership and taking care of not allowing the rival achieve more than 6 advantage points. Miami showed since the beginning their intentions of making a difference trying to make points from the distance. The secret weapon of the Miami Heat was Battier, who left the bench to make the difference and allowed The Heat to recover their position when the Spurs were being a serious threat . It was the final minute of second part of the game the one that allowed The Heat take distance thanks to Wade and LeBron final shots. Third part found both teams alternating leadership, with an energetic Ginobili directing the Spurs and the Heats leaning on the precision of LeBron James who did 13 points in that segment.

Forth period found the Spurs making 3 costly turnovers and the Heat maintaining a continuous offensive which finally wrote the final chapter of a historic game that kept observers vibrating every second of the entire game.

With this tittle, the Miami Heat was crowned as the best team of the season and achieved a historical record with 27 consecutive triumphs and LeBron James obtained for second consecutive year the trophy of the most valuable player of the final. Miami Heat´s star entered to the same club of luxury players as Bill Russel and Michael Jordan, who until this game were the only ones achieving such recognition twice.

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