Men are nowadays just as concerned about their appearance like their female counterparts. Plastic surgeons are reporting that they are receiving an increasing demand for their services from men like never before.  The times in which men thought that they had to be “all natural” or that caring about the appearance wasn´t a “macho man” thing are buried in the past. Nowadays, as women gained equality in so many fields, such as work, career, politics, sexual freedom, etc., men gained the right to take care of their appearance, their skin, their hair, their clothes and accessories, their bodies, etc. Not only we enjoy it but also women recognize they prefer a man who pays attention and takes care of his personal image.

This has lead to a noticeable augmentation of the presence of men in esthetic surgeon´s waiting rooms. Moreover, they are undergoing procedures that in the past were typically feminine surgeries or procedures (such as Botox injections to temporarily fulfill expression lines)  and even new types of surgeries and implants were developed specifically to meet the physical requirements of the male clientele. For instance, there are implants that simulate chest or abdominal muscles, which when placed under the skin give men the “hard training” or “bodybuilder” looks. These cosmetic surgeries are not so common, but their demand is increasing. However, let´s take a look at the procedures that are most popular among male patients.


Men request for a liposuction surgery for three main purposes;

  • To do away with love handles,
  • To flatten a sagging chest and
  • To flatten their stomachs

How liposuction is done

Several tiny engraves are made to the operation area.

The doctor then inserts a tube, known as a cannula, under the skin.

The tube is moved about to suck out fat. The fat removed should not exceed three liters in a single operation so as minimize the quantity of blood lost.

The procedure takes around an hour to effect in the thigh and the hips. However, there are no ground rules on the time taken. It depends on the area the treatment is being done.

When two or three liters of fat are removed, it is recommended that the patient stays at the hospital at least overnight.

For at about three weeks after the operation, the patient is required to wear a specialized elastic pressure garment to shun the subcutaneous fluid from collecting under the skin.

Liposuction can as well be applied in a process known as abdominal etching. This refers to a little quantity of fat being taken out from the stomach in a straight line from the belly button upwards.

Abdominal etching produces a groove in the stomach to emphasize the badly sought after six pack.  Liposuction charges start from £2 000 going up depending on the area being taken care of.

Chin implants

There has been an increasing request by men to have their chins operated so as to strengthen them. The men who look forward to have their chins operated perceive that a more masculine jaw line would enhance their appearance to make them seem extra aggressive in their places of work and advance their profession. There are two ways in which men’s chins can be enhanced;

  • Through implants or
  • By having the jaw developed

Most chin implants are made of silicone and are interleaved either under the chin or through the mouth so that you cannot see the scars. The procedure for chin implants will normally take 45 minutes. Charges for chin implants may vary from hospital to hospital but expect to pay anything from £3 500 upwards.

Drawbacks to chin implants

  • Chin implants can get infected
  • Slip out of position or even
  • Wear away the chin above the chin bone

This may result to the jaw receding even further than before the implant was slotted in. However, there should be no cause of alarm if this happens. The patient can turn to the alternative, (though more painful) of having the jaw developed. This entails the surgeon making a minor incise on the inside of the lower lip, adjacent to the gum and piecing through the jaw. The base part of the jaw is then brought onward to augment the jaw line. The entire process may last for up to three hours. It leaves the patients uncomfortable for three weeks after the operation. The most desired chins are the Douglas chins, and those spotted by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Brad Pitt.

Rhinoplasty / Nose Job

Men may want to have their noses enhanced either because they find them unattractive and they’re unhappy with them, or they have been broken while playing sports. Rhinoplasty is more colloquially known as nose job and it is a popular procedure in the United Kingdom. It is a rather uncomplicated procedure that is essentially done from the inside of the nose, leaving no visible scars from the outside.

  • A cut is made inside the nostrils
  • The skin of the nose is then elevated to allow entrance to the cartilage and bones underside.
  • The bones and cartilage are then modified by the surgeon to shape the nose to the patient’s specifications.
  • The skin is then swathed back over the fresh nose.
  • Normally the procedure lasts for about two hours.
  • Patients are required to stay overnight at the hospital.
  • A lot of swelling may be experienced around the eyes.
  • After about three weeks, the signs of the surgery start to disappear. The new nose starts to take form and the process is complete after six months.
  • Different clinics charge variously but look ahead to pay around £3 000.

Hair transplants

Until it is gone, no one really values the hair in their head. When it is gone, you realize how good the thick head of hair was. Hair transplants assist you banish the baldness.

  • Hair transplant entail removing a thin strip of hair growing scalp from the rear of the head and then using it to fill a region with thinning or no hair.
  • The doctor first will sterilize the scalp and inject a sedative to anesthetize the region where the 3 to 4 inch strip of scalp will be removed.
  • After taking out the strip of scalp using a scalpel, the surgeon places it aside and then sews the scalp to close this area.
  • The surgeon then divide the strip into up to 2000 tiny grafts containing an individual hair or only a few hair strands.
  • The number and type of hair graft used depends on the hair quality, hair color, hair type and the size of the region where it is to be planted.
  • The surgeon then cleanses and deadens the region where hair is to be planted, incises slits or holes using a scalpel or a needle, and then meticulously rests a single graft in a single hole.
  • Depending on the degree of the process, it may take between 4 and 8 hours.

Personally, I applaud men who have the courage to take advantage of medicine in order to look better, younger or sexier. I just wish I wasn´t afraid of anesthesia, scalpels and syringes myself!

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