Love And Whatsapp

Jun 19, 2013

Love And Whatsapp, A Bad Combination Of  Our Times

This application has changed the way of communicating and it is affecting personal relationships specially love ones. Some think it is an invaluable tool, others started to regret having it. For the jealous and the unfaithful ones, it has become a technological enemy.

” I miss you, where are you?”

” Why don´t you answer me?”

And twenty minutes later comes the answer: “Sorry, I didn´t  got your message until now”. “How come? I saw the green double-check!!” Or even worst if the answer was something like: ” Sorry, I was away and had left the cell phone”, that short answer can originate a chaotic endless discussion: ” But I saw you were online!! Whom were you chatting with????”

Unfaithfulness is everywhere, but mostly in the mind of the jealous and suspicious ones. It is just there, waiting for a reason (reasonable reason for the victim of the supposed or potential betrayal) to jump out. And Whatsapp is providing all the elements to awaken all those latent fears or doubts.

WhatsApp is undeniably a worthy tool that helps people communicate easily, instantly and without having to spend money. It allows sharing photographs. Family members or friends who are   separated adore this tool that let´s them share with their loved ones everything they do and even send them instant pictures. But when it comes to love relationships, it´s use can become hazardous if the couple is not emotionally healthy enough. At the beginning it can contribute to light up the flame of romance and passion allowing both parties to share romantic or even sexually suggestive during their different daily activities. After those initial benefits, it can generate anxiety and a false illusion of control since it allows to verify if someone is online and when was the last time he/she was connected. This explains how WhatsApp can cause a lot of problems when jealousy appears within a couple.

Jealous, insecure or suspicious individuals end up being slaves of this application and it really gets to disturb them not only affecting their relationship with the partner, but distracting them from work and event preventing them from enjoying any social or family event.  They are constantly checking if the partner is online but is not messaging them, of if they get no response to a message that actually reached the receiver, or they ask themselves whom was the other one chatting with when he/she was supposed to be at a work meeting, for example.

This is definitely a double edge tool, only if wisely and moderately used it can be a worthy way of being in contact and enhance romance instead of destroying  a relationship and the individual´s own peace of mind.

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