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Football fans are polarized by the steadily growing sports league that is taking the nation by storm.  The lingerie football league is the football played by sexy girls in skimpy duds.  It is thrilling, 7-on-7, American women’s tackling football that is explosive and addictive.  The legends football league was created in 2009 and re-branded as the lingerie football league by Mitchell “Mitch” Mortaza in 2013.  The league’s administration offices are located in the “Sin City”, Las Vegas, Nevada.  The football games are played during the fall and winter at existing NFL, NHL, and MLS stadiums and arenas.  While the LFL girls are gearing up to start their fourth season in Jacksonville, Florida, they are eager to not only have some fun, but to also display their supreme athletic ability.

Women no longer accept being cheerleaders or simply sideline fans.  The sexy and tough ladies refuse to remain bystanders.  The LFL girls were adamant about showing off their unprecedented football playing skills.  Each of the LFL players are mounting stars within their affiliated franchises; thereby the league has emerged.  The lingerie football league concept originated from an alternative Superbowl halftime show that broadcasted via pay-per-view.  The extravaganza was conveniently called the Lingerie Bowl, which debuted opposite the annual Superbowl halftime events.

To date, the athletic and sexy thrillers play full-contact football, yet, in its inauguration, they wore garters, bras, and panties.  Chairman, Mitchell Mortaza recently contended that the original uniforms diminished credibility; therefore altered the LFL player’s apparel.  He authorized performance apparel and reformed shoulder pads to provide more protection for the LFL girls.  In the 2013 season, you will see the LFL ladies sporting bikini shorts with uniforms that consist of shoulder pads, knee pads, elbow pads, along with ice hockey-style helmets made with translucent plastic visors.  To further promote a re-branded image and maintain its erogenous appeal, the team logos were redesigned to marque the tagline, “Women of the Gridiron”.

With the LFL football league, fans are guaranteed to be electrified by sizzling LFL players and hard-hitting football.  The 2013 season brings you 12 girl teams within the United States and they are official members of the lingerie football league.  More so, there are currently four teams bringing you action in Canada.  The league is also excited to announce the upcoming LFL football game scheduled to debut, December of 2013 in Australia.

As the fastest growing pro sports league across the nation, LFL football is currently available in Chicago (Bliss), Minnesota (Valkyrie), and Green Bay (Chill), which makes up the Midwestern Division.  The Los Angeles (Temptations), Las Vegas (Sin), and Seattle (Mist) franchises are in the Pacific Division.   The Atlanta (Steam), Omaha (Heart), and Jacksonville (Breeze) make up the Southeastern Division.  Finally, the Northeastern Division consists of the Philadelphia (Passion), Baltimore (Charm), and Cleveland (Crush) teams.  In Canada, you can enjoy LFL players of the BC Angels, Calgary Fillies, Regina Rage, and Saskatoon Sirens.  Australia joins this season with the New South Wales Maidens, Queensland Brigade, Victoria Maidens, and Western Australian Angels.  Future USA teams to seam the lingerie football league include the Pittsburgh LFL Franchise and the Denver Dream.

Each franchise is loosely marbled after the professional team in their area.  Specifically, most of the teams are based on NFL or UFL teams; using the same color schemes or singular nicknames, a property shared amongst other women sports, such as the WNBA.  Because it is the football played by sexy girls, the lingerie women’s professional league parallels the indoor or arena football leagues.  One distinct difference is that there are seven LFL players on each side of the 50-yard field instead of eight.  There are 50-yards between the end zones, which are eight yards deep.  The standard offensive formation consists of the quarterback, two running backs, one center, and three wide receivers.  The defensive side of the scrimmage line features the two defensive lineman, two linebackers, two cornerbacks, and a safety.

A LFL football game and its second-half open with the kickoff.   There is no punting or field goals in this football league.  Each of the LFL teams must attempt a first-down for every fourth-down.  The teams have the opportunity to attempt a one-point conversion from the one-yard line following a touchdown.  The LFL players may also choose to take a shot at a two-point conversion from the three-yard line after a score.

Most of the LFL teams are coached by prominent athletic figures in their respective cities or former NFL players. A majority of the LFL players have a competitive, athletic background.  They may have experience in other sports at the semi-pro and college level, such as volleyball, track and field, basketball, or fitness-style bodybuilding.  And, interestingly enough, a few of the LFL girls have experience in tackle football within the semi-pro leagues.  The lingerie football league delivers a full-contact playing style; giving fans the tantalizing action they are accustomed to.  All of the LFL girls are heart-throbbing football playmakers with a sexy appeal.

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