Former Playboy´s Playmate Kayla Collins Teaches Physics And Gets Naked At The Same Time

Do you remember your physic´s High School teacher? I´m pretty sure she had nothing to do with this sexy teacher Kayla Collins who takes advantages of her attributes to capture the attention of her students with her sexy teaching style!  So if for you it is complex to understand the theories that Sheldon Cooper character from the tv show “The Big Bang Theory” explains, may be former Playboy´s playmate Kayla Collins can make you understand it.

The gorgeous and sexy 23 years old model, ex partner of the Chelsea (from England) Ashley Cole decided to become a teacher, and hot one, so as to explain different difficult physic´s topics which you could learn while she takes her clothes of.

Kayle dares to give in a very unusual and sexy way, lessons about the PI number, which with such a teacher becomes an irrational number that gets to explore her whole sculptural body, as seen in her video-classes.

The hot ex Playboy Bunny uses a very particular method to teach her avid students, since while explaining the most complex theories; she keeps taking her clothes off until finally finishing the lesson in a tiny bikini.  Even though she never attended university to get a teachers diploma, the model was intrepid enough to dedicate to teach physics on the web, in a very audacious manner of course, hence capturing the total attention of her students. All of a sudden, on behalf of science, the number of people interested in this intricate brand of it has shown a tremendous growth spurt thanks to the input of this particular sexy teacher.  According to her, she tries to honor the so many teachers that contributed to her education during her younger years.

Do you want to attend one of her classes? Watch the video, play attention to the teacher and learn your lesson!

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