Jenna Jameson

Nov 4, 2021

The Queen Of Porn Jenna Jameson´s Comeback For Her Children!

All her fans (which are millions!) and the lovers of porn movies are celebrating because the undoubted queen of porn comes back to (in her own words) “open her legs to the industry” that turned her into an international star.

Jenna Jameson is probably the porn actress with more success and fame of all, she is the woman that made it possible for other women in this industry to be recognized in some way and reach a transcendence that so far, only some men had.

Jenna changed it all. Her beauty and skills in front of the camera, particularly when performing fellatio) made her image reach all recondite places of the world. Producers and adult films ´directors were competing to attract this astonishing blonde with angelical face and evil body. Proposals, prizes and money kept coming her way. That is how Jenna, born in Las Vegas, got to be famous among the most famous. Her cache was unequalled.

With such success, the triumphant blonde became a businesswoman creating a company named “club Jenna”, a firm specialized in producing costly adult movies. Some of her movies became reference movies for the adult movies´ fans. But, as easy as money comes, it flows away.

After several love affairs and relationships, Jenna Jameson left porn industry and started a monogamous life after she married Tito Ortiz, an American martial arts fighter, star of the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) with whom he had her twins, Jesse and Journey.

But time changes it all, money ends, promises made are broken,  personal problems, jealousy, substances abuse, esthetic surgeries, and hurried decisions left the couple in financial ruin, and especially affected the ex porn diva who is facing millionaire demands and desperation.

For all those reason, the queen of porn will make her comeback to the big screen for the delight of her public. But as years passed, her previous success won´t be so easy to recover,    she may not be the fresh hottie that once melted the camera lenses and secondly because there is a new generation of really young and talented actresses who inspired on her are really stepping hard.

However, let´s stay tuned, because any time soon her first movie of what can be called “Jenna Jameson ´s saga” will be announced.

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