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Feb 17, 2014

Ice Bars: Definitely The Coolest Bars You Might Find!

An Ice Bar is a drinking establishment, a bar as the name says, but quite a particular kind.

Ice bars are usually found in the cold regions of the world, and are entirely made of ice or if not situated on cold regions they are built isolated within a building and are then artificially covered and decorated with ice and count with  cooling systems that keep the temperature artificially low, very low.  Virtually everything in the bar is made of ice.  Most ice bars are touristic destination sites in that they are fitted with unique features to suit travelers who are fascinated by the atypical atmosphere and novelty.

How Ice Bars are operated

Clients reserve and stay in the Ice Bars for strictly timed periods. Employees too have specific shifts. Drinks are served with glasses made of ice, needless to say that you should have your gloves on. Drinks are mostly chilled cocktails, shots and ice – cold vodka.  Fur skins on the seating and benches make up for warmth in the sub zero temperatures. Patrons visiting the bars are normally given special outwear to make sure they can stand the low temperatures for long enough.

How ice bars are built

Ice Bars are rebuilt yearly and they are dependent upon continuous sub freezing during their construction and in the periods they are operational. The halls are filled with ice sculptures. The seating plus the walls are also made of ice but some may be framed with steel. The walls, equipment, fixtures and fittings are wholly made of ice or compressed snow. They are made to hold together using snice rather than mortar that is employed in traditional block made hotels. Snice is a type of frozen water whose physical characteristics make it an intermediate between snow and ice. It is thus variously known as snow-ice. It is used to form bonds between ice blocks.

The emergence of ice bars

You can blame it on global warming, or is it the world’s desire for something enthralling new? At your local bar, you add some ice rocks in your drink. This can provide an explanation for the coming up of the world’s coolest bars. From Las Vegas to Oslo, ice bars have become the trend of luxury and novelty across the globe.

Sweden’s Ice Hotel in Jukkasjarvi is a renowned meltable bar that is entirely rebuilt each year with fresh blocks of ice from the Torne River. It is Sweden’s most popular tourist attraction and has been operational since 1994. It offers the Absolut Ice Bar which is entirely made of ice right down to its artwork. It opens in mid December and starts to melt back to the Torne River by the end of May.

Absolut has opened bars in Milan, Copenhagen, Shanghai and Tokyo – all of which they are thriving since the large cities can keep up with the cost of maintaining the Ice Bars as patrons are many. Wherever they are, ice bars keep low temperatures of below 23 degrees Fahrenheit or minus 5 degrees. The low temperatures give an enthralling utopian environment for nipping the cocktails while keeping the drinks chilled to the core.

Grey Goose, Absolut’s competitor, opened an ice bar of their own; the Ice Kube at the Kube Hotel in Paris, France. The Ice Kube practically operates on the same principle as Absolut’s Ice Bar. It serves patrons with Grey Goose Vodka for unlimited amounts after they part with 38 Euros personal cover for half an hour.

Situated at Mandalay Place in Las Vegas, Minus 5 Ice Lounge is America’s first Ice Bar. It consists of handcrafted ice couches, sculptures and ice serving glasses. The Minus 5 Chapel offers the famed Vegas weddings on the cool ice.

Consider a city near you that could harbor having an Ice Bar, you wear fur coats and gloves and sip your vodka and feel like you are in Russia having your favorite drink.


The first Ice Bar Hotel in Eastern Europe was constructed in 2006 deep into the Fagaras Mountains in Romania. Due to this isolated location of the hotel, it is only accessible via cable car for the period of winter. The scenic hotel is next to Balea Lake, where the ice to build the 14 room hotel and an adjacent ice church is fetch after the lake has frozen. The hotel is operational in December and receives patrons till late April when it starts to melt back to the Balea Lake.

The hotel management provides fur, beddings and special sleeping gear. Washroom facilities are within the vicinity. Two holiday homes available a stone throw away offer accommodation. The marvelous beauty is incomplete without activities offered such as sledging, skiing, heliskiing and snow bike riding.


The Alpha Resort Tomamu in Hokkaido Island is arguably Japan’s first ice bar and hotel. It constructs and operates an ice bar every year. The entire hotel from the bed to the table and even the ceiling is one massive ice sculpture. The temperatures on the inside are maintained at minus 3 to minus 5 degrees Celsius. Patrons dine on the ice tables and stools that are covered in sheep skin.


The Old Town Quebec plays host to Canada’s Hotel de Glace which first opened in 2001. The hotel is operational from the first week of January to the last week of March.


The kirkens Snow hotel

The hotel is located on the Eastern part of Norway near the Russian border. It is a 20 room establishment that boasts of the largest snow dome in Norway. A night in the hotel is accompanied with an exceptional ceremonial dinner prepared in open fire. A sauna is offered after or even before staying at the snow hotel.

Other snow bars in Norway are the Ice Lodge and the Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel. The Ice Lodge offers a longer season due to its high altitude. It is located at 1250 meters above sea level.

The Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel at Alta has been operational annually since the turn of the century. It is in the Finmark region and only 250 km from the North Cape.

There are really no limits to marvelous creations. Sipping chilled vodka in an Ice Bar is a treat you should never deny yourself.

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