Aug 25, 2013

Gastrosexuals: Men Who Cook To Seduce

It is said that in love and war everything is valid. Now more and more men are using a new way to seduce women and it seems to be working for them: cooking!

It has always been said that you reach a man´s heart through his stomach. But…does that apply to reach a woman´s heart? An increasing number of men actually believe it, and instead of wasting hours working their muscles at the gym and then showing them off, they are using the kitchen tools and the apron to seduce women. More than a domestic activity, most of them consider it an efficient seduction technique.

In Europe, they are being called “gastrosexuals”, and the English Future Fundation consultancy published an investigation that defined this new generation of cookers as young (25-45) single or married males with medium and high socio-economic position, fond of gastronomy and cooking, culturally curious and travelers. Another characteristic of most individuals among this observed group is their usual behaviors meant to impress overall people.
These individuals dedicate their free time to experiment with varied and sophisticated menus at home, and they take personal care of buying the different elements and special ingredients. It is important to say that even though it is seduction tool for them, in most cases their interest for cooking is genuine. A 23% though, confessed they started on this activity just to seduce women, but afterwards the activity captured their interest.

But it goes beyond just cooking. Their cooking experience is enhanced by their expertise on choosing the right wines according to the menu as well as setting a neatly presented table within a romantic ambiance they create by adding details such as candlelights, proper background music and even flowers they will then gently give to their guests.

As they relate, it seems that cooking for women is a nice way to conquer their hearts or to romantically seduce them to reach intimacy. Part of the conquer is offering the other what you know and do. Women feel flattered observing them dedicating their time and efforts to honor them.

A factor that impulsed this phenomenon is the fame that some international chefs have achieved in the last decade. Jamie Olivier and Gordon Ramsay are their icons and they try not to miss an episode of Hell´s Kitchen and Masterchef, tv shows that vindicate masculinity and aggressive competition.

The idea of naming this group of men as gastrosexuals was from a firm, Pur Asia, which was about to launch a new product for Asian cooking and gave to Future Foundation, (a leading consultancy firm expert in identifying emerging trends) the task to study cooking men, their characteristics, their reasons and what motivated them, as well as analyzing their cooking skills and the factors that influenced their choices.

Gastrosexuals are the new metrosexuals of our times, and the growing number of them seems to prove that when it comes to seducing a woman, the smells of a delicious home-made meal can be as aphrodisiac as the best perfume, or maybe even more if accompanied by the right wine.

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