I want to share how my first anal penetration was. It was such an experience that it is worth it sharing it. The sole fact of remembering it turns me on. But let me go back in time.

It was a rainy Sunday afternoon, those kind of days in which the least thing you would do is going out. I was there watching tv with my partner, we were a little bored so I took courage to go out, and decided to rent a movie so as to surprise my boyfriend with a good  film.  I took my jacket, put on my shoes and went to the movie rental. Nothing convinced me; no film seemed adequate for that rainy day. Then I turned to the XXX rated section. Wow, there was such a variety! But one cover caught my attention; it featured a girl surrounded by fire and by several hot guys. It made my decision and took it. Came back home where my boyfriend was comfortably waiting for me and told him I had a movie to watch together. He thought I had chosen a comedy or a drama…so imagine his surprise when it started.

I like playing games, I like playing erotic games with my boyfriend, so I proposed a sex game: we should do everything we saw on the film. Of course he agreed! In the movie, they were doing oral to the girl, so I took of my panties and my boyfriend started licking me with his wet tongue. And this was just the beginning! When they were done, the actor made sure to have his penis all covered in semen and the girl had to clean it all up with her mouth. So did I. It was amazing how exited I felt every time they started to do something new and then we copied that. Besides, not knowing what would be next made it so intriguing and mind- blowing!

Then after all that oral session they started to fuck. She was standing, facing the wall, and he was penetrating her, so I obediently adopted that position and with my hand grabbed my boyfriend´s penis and put it inside my vagina, which was already wet and hot, ready for action. After that, they went back to bed and she was lying down, facing the bed, on her belly and he was mounting her from above. We did that too, of course, and the pleasure was immense. Time was passing, they kept adopting different sex positions that got me so, so hot, and I can´t deny, I started to feel like wanting to be there with them, participating with my boyfriend in those scenes. Everything they did was so enjoyable; my whole body was so excited that I was wishing the film never ended. I had already had a couple of orgasms, and was still craving for more.

Suddenly, the boy on the screen, started to caress the anus of the girl. Well, I had never done that before, I was always told that anal sex was painful that I had never even tried it. So somewhere in my mind I doubted…but rules are rules, and we had agreed to perform as in the movie till the very end of it. On the other hand I was so excited that for the first time in my life I wanted him to stimulate my anus. So I gave myself to him and adopted a position, lying on my belly and elevating my hips so he could have my butts and anus totally exposed and easily accessible. He first introduced his finger in my wet vagina, and then moved to the formerly “forbidden area”.  Gently, he started caressing my there, around my anus and…softly started to introduce his finger on it for the first time in my life. I couldn´t believe the way I was enjoying it. I even started to have it dilated. But then the scene on screen changed…the actor laid on his back with his enormous penis rigidly inviting. The actress climbed onto him and slowly sat down on his manhood…but she sat letting the erectile penis get inside her rear whole.

“Well”- I guessed-“it´s my turn now”. I reached out for some Vaseline we had there and lubricated my little orifice and started, very, very slowly to let myself slide down onto my boyfriend’s hard thing.

I was so incredibly hot that I felt how “it” was relaxing and opening while I the penis was making its way in.  Finally, I was doing it and enjoying every inch. My boyfriend´s face was showing a smile of sexual satisfaction I had never seen before. His was moaning and that was so stimulating that finally let myself all down, ending up completely penetrated, comfortably and joyfully sitting on his penis. Well, I guess all men likes feeling how a narrow little anus swallowing their hard dicks.

Then the actors changed for a new position and the guy started to penetrate her by her vagina again, but this time I gave up the game´s rules, since the pleasure I was feeling from having his hard thing in my anus was so amazing that I remained there for several minutes until my boyfriend couldn´t resist any longer and had an orgasm that fulfilled me with his semen. He took it off and, as in one of the initial scenes, I cleaned that all wet penis with my mouth.

Now, after that first experience, I always ask him to give it to me from behind and we found out the best way to take advantage of these cold rainy winter days. Could you think of something better than that to warm a cold Sunday afternoon up?

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