Fifty Shades Of Grey

Jun 10, 2013

Erotic Novels – Fifty Shades Of Grey

Erika Leonard James (London, 1963) is the successful author of the Fifty Shades Of Grey saga, that    sold  over 50 million copies and gave birth to this increasing literary boom.

As E.L. James expressed “ Women like sexual fantasies because the most erotic part of their body is in their minds”.  This is telling us a lot about female sexuality and we should pay attention to what it is teaching us.

Explicit sex and submission scenes between the seductive millionaire and the literature student  are detailedly described in the novel and have captured the attention of young women all over the world. The readers profile is mostly young women over 25, with medium acquisitive position living mostly in urban and suburban areas.

What are readers looking for on these books? Transgression maybe? The reality is that in times when sex is everywhere, readers are trying to nurture imagination and spice their sexuality with fantasies. The vivid description of the relationship among the characters is explicit, transgressive  and scandalous. It has re freshened the erotic senses of so many readers that have discovered or renewed sexual passion and the forbidden pleasure of erotic games. It seems that the eternal attractive of submission of women under the strength of men is seducing female public.

We could say, though, that it is a half-way sexual liberation since these kind of novels create in fact   a duality. On one side, it tells women that they are free to feel, fantasize and take their sexual dreams to reality, but on the other side,  it tells women that they will be free as long as they surrender to the wishes of a protective and powerful man and his deepest wishes.

Sex is the most obvious attractive factor of these novels, but it is only one of the ingredients that explain it´s success. There is sex, but the novel touches eternal topics such as power, beauty, money and love. It captures women because it shows the feminine fantasy of unlimited sex but linked to love. It is true that is contains BDSM scenes descriptions, but the transgression has a limit since there is mutual consent.

So men should understand that even when women are telling us that there are ready to make their fantasies come true and that being dominated is one of the most present and consistent ones, there is a fragile limit that should not be unattended, love is still the subtle motive and domination should not trespass the limits of their own acceptance.

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