If You Want (And Can Afford It) Stand Out Wearing Any Of The Most Expensive Wrist Watches For Men

Men will always be wowed by the top end wrist watches that are endowed with fascinating features, wonderful designs and complex exquisiteness. With all the marvels capable in a wrist watch, they can easily become the most expensive possessions (apart from homes or vehicles) that you’ll ever get hold of. Men can communicate a statement of intent by simply wearing any of these expensive smalls.  Women may not be as fascinated by expensive wrist watches as men are, but they do notice them!

The market is flooded with hundreds of wrist watch brands. A few of them are a marvel to behold by the privileged. Here I detail the main features, designs and prices of some of the most luxurious brands of wrist watches for men. So, if you want and can afford it, get any of these and let a small accessory make you really stand out among the crowd.

Note that this list has only included wrist watches and not pocket watches.

Vacheron Tour De L’ile

Vacheron has over 250 years of experience in watch making. It is the oldest watch manufacturer that still exists, giving them an edge over other makers due to their vast experience. They celebrated their 250 years of existence by producing the expensive Vacheron Constant wrist watch.  The Tour de L’ile has tourbillion, and is the most complicated double faced watch.

The Tour de L’ile is made of completely original horological complications and astronomical features making up sixteen different points that include;

  • A minute repeater,
  • A permanent calendar,
  • Second time zone,
  • Sunset time,
  • A tourbillion device,
  • Representation of the night sky and
  • The equation of time.

This Tour de L’ile released in 2005 was sold at 1.5 million US dollars.

The Aeternitas Mega 4

It is the world’s most convoluted watch with three time zones, perpetual calendar and the tune of Carillon Westminster chiming every hour. The Aeternitas marvel is made by Franck Muller and is only available for sale in Geneva and New York.

Franck Muller aimed at the most complicated watch, right from the onset of the Aeternitas Mega project, and it resulted to the most complicated wrist watch ever made. This masterpiece of art and watchery sells at around $2.4 million.

The watch comes with a perpetual calendar. The calendar gives the month, the date, the day and the moon phases. The calendar never needs any manual intervention and takes into consideration the length of each month, including leap years.

The watch is a grandiose of art inspiring countless emotions as an exceptional timepiece and it’s simply unique in the eyes of the lovers of fine mechanics and luxury watch making.

The Emperador Temple

It is Piaget’s make that comes with more than 1200 diamonds a delicate jewel of exquisite design. It gives you the pleasure to have a ziggurat of diamonds on your wrist. The pyramid designed watch doubles up as both a wrist watch and jewelry to regard. Its price is estimated to be around $ 3.5 million. The watch is there for you to show off and give you some pyramid power.

There’s a little hatch over a minor mother-of-pearl and diamond face. The timepiece then opens up again to show a large face which reveals one minute tourbillion and a power preserve indicator. The maker is able to fit the hundreds of diamonds into the pyramid design.

A variety of cut stones are contained in the wristwatch as well;

  • One emerald cut stone
  • Baguette cut stones’
  • Emerald cut stones and
  • Brilliant cut stones.

Louis Moinet Meteoris Watch

This collection comes in 4 outstanding pieces of watches. Each of the timepieces has a rare meteorite element and is showcased as part of the Meteoris Solar System. The timepieces in the Louis Moinet Meteoris collection are;

  • Tourbillion Asteroid: has a hand-crafted piece of the mystifying Itqiy meteorite which formed near the sun thousands of years in the past, prior to finding its way to the earth.
  • Tourbillion Mars: features a piece of the Jiddat al Harasis 479 meteorite which is a real fragment of the planet Mars that fell to earth. The fragment is supposedly 180 million years old.
  • Tourbillion Rosetta Stone: the fragment featured here is an extremely rare Sahara 99555, a genuine meteorite that fell to earth and is believed to hail from planet mercury
  • Tourbillion Moon: the hand crafted fragment featured in this timepiece is the extremely rare Dhofar 459 meteorite. A real meteorite that fell to earth from the moon. The Dhofar 459 is thousands of years old and very expensive due to its rarity.

The Louis Moinet Meteoris collection goes for about $4.6 million.

Chopard’s $25 million watch

Chopard really made a masterpiece of a wrist watch that is graced by three heart shaped diamonds; a 15 – carat pink diamond, a 12 – carat blue diamond and an 11 – carat white diamond. It is by far the most expensive wrist watch with a price tag of $25 million. In addition, the Chopard marvel watch is embellished with 163 carats of white and yellow flower like diamonds, making it colorful and glittery.

This is the gaudiest looking wrist watch the world has ever seen. With 200 carats on your wrist, you have something really worthy of showing off, and the title of owning the world’s most expensive watch added to you.

There are many intricate features in million dollar wrist watches, some of which cost more than Ferraris. Some are endowed with diamonds, gems, and expensive stones that jerk up the price. The mechanism inside the watches is complicated to enhance accurate time telling. Some of the timepieces are furnished with the tourbillion mechanism that counters the effects of gravity. All these complexities thus combine to raise the worth of these watches.

Now you know: time is money. There are those watches that only tell time. And then there are those that state to the world who you are. You acquire one of the pricey watches and sure you set yourself apart from the crowd.

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