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In every business there is a wide range of services offered for the satisfaction of the client or.

This is so because nobody wants the exact same thing. People have different preferences, different fantasies and desires. These have to be met in all cases, no matter what kind of companion the client wants, a good agency should provide with the exact type of escort. So, as in all business fields escort services are no exception. In fact, in this line of business, meeting the preferences of the client in all details is what grants the success of the agency or of the independent escort´s career.
. Since the relationship can get very personal, it is adamant that preference is a priority. For this reason, every escort services provider has to offer a range from which to select from. Among escort services, there is a variety of options to consider.

  • Type s of escortsMen are very selective of the female companion they want. Some keep the same type through-out while some keep changing, but somehow remain within certain circles. In this respect, escort services have to provide room for which their male clients can wiggle in. The type of girls they offer shall cover different physical types so as to count with someone for any client.
    • Brunettes
      They are by far the most sorted for among all the escorts. Somehow they seem to ooze that sex appeal that most men search for among escorts. Based on a recently launched study, more than 50% of the interviewees said dark haired girls are better in bed. This could be a major consideration when picking escorts since as there is a general belief that brunettes are more fun.
    • Blondes
      Stereotypically, blondes are thought to be dumb. Men who go for these types of girls come off as clients who have a domineering sense of life. They want low profile women in terms of personality, those who are much easier to ‘boss’ around.
    • Red heads
      These girls do not seem to enjoy much love from most clients who seek escort services. They are also not the most popular group among escorts as most men do not seem to go for them. While they may not have as much going for them as the brunettes, they do know how to play their cards right. They are considered freaks in a sexy way and for that reason some men always choose them.
    • African American
      Black girls. They are very famous for their luscious booty and busts. Such girls are preferred for the new opportunities they seem to bring. Some men are not open to dating outside of their race due to society’s stigma. When they get the chance to be all out however and taste the richness of variety, they are more inclined to ask for that which they rarely have.
    • Asian/ Brazilian
      “Exotic girls” are some terms that are used to refer to these escorts. They are from the diaspora of the country in which they base their work. Just like African American girls, they bring diversity in culture within the escort services. They bring new culture from their places of origin, and this offers some kind of excitement that most men seem to enjoy as they are always coming back for more.
    • PricesAnother variety of the escort services is in the quality they offer. They have girls that charge differently for various reasons. These girls cannot really be classified into price ranges since the rates are so different in different parts of states, continents as well as towns. The only thing that can be said about this is that different escort agencies have girls that come at different prices, since they charge hourly, the longer a girl stays with a client the more money they earn collectively. There is however a group of escorts with whom to reckon for they seem to have a special slot in this industry.
    • VIP escorts
      The term VIP is mostly used to refer to very important persons. A VIP escort is therefore an escort who accompanies star, or an elite member of the society. They roll with high class men and are believed to offer high quality services that leave their clients coming back for more over and over.
      Good quality escort services come at a good price. It can be relatively expensive or directly very costly. Most of these VIP escorts are models, some are porn stars. They live extravagant and luxurious lives which are made possible by their high end clients.
      Therefore it is a client’s preference that determines the girls they get. The money on the table also speaks volumes and determines the escort services they will receive. This does not mean that common escorts provide poor services. They do deliver great services, but they may not be so classy and extravagant as VIP escorts. What it means is that the man will reap according to what he sows or in this case invests.
  • Purpose for hiring the services
  • Different people purchase the same item for different purposes. Others buy different items and use them for the same purpose. In order for the escort services provided by escort agencies to be of high quality, they have to offer all round girls that can fulfil varied requirements. This however cannot be true for everyone in the industry.
    Obviously then, escort agencies have girls who are more preferred for certain gigs. Examples of these are girls who are a good company for international travel. They have lots of experience touring the world and are well equipped to deal with culture shocks and such in a contained manner. The other example of selected escort services would be of girls that are hired as ‘dates’ for red carpet events. They have very good socializing skills and have faces that seem to just connect with the camera. These girls attend functions and sit at high tables where they accompany their clients amazingly. Some even cause the male counterparts at the function to envy their client thinking they are their women!Escort services and escort girls come in various packages, at different prices and with different strengths. The one thing they have in common, the customer’s satisfaction is always their goal.

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