Summer was just beginning. Evelyn was determined to get some tan before exposing her skin on summer clothes. So, nothing better than lying down on the backyard, without a bra, so as to avoid getting a white line crossing her back. After a while, she rolled over to avoid front lines in her abundant frontal body side. The neighborhood was so silent this day.

The house was a bit above the rest, constructed on an artificial height. That was why she could every now and then take a glance at the neighbor´s pool. The reflections of sunrays on the water were inviting. Sometimes she even observed how the strong looking Sonny, that was his name, trained by the pool before taking a long swim. Sometimes his wife Diane joined too. Definitely, those two had those fit bodies not only thanks to privileged genetics, they worked out quite a lot, and even when Diane was 13 years older than her, her figure was enviable for Evelyn. If her physical appearance were not attractive enough, her cheerful personality made her even more captivating. Well, thought Evelyn already sweating under afternoon soon, that explains why so many friends come visit them and celebrate those joyful parties by the pool.

It was just a low fence that separated both adjacent backyards, and while standing up Evelyn could easily take a look at the inviting pool. It seemed so inviting now, and she had already been told by the kind neighbors she could take a swim whenever she felt like, so she decided to take a quick one and refresh her hot sweaty body. There was no one there now, so she guessed she would accept the invitation, so easily climbed the fence and submerged a few seconds on the refreshing waters. Being no one there, she didn´t even put her bikini bra back. Right when she got out of the pool she realized Sonny was staring while relaxing in the sunroom. He smiled to her from the distance while waving his strong hand. She smiled back and hurried back to her backyard, barely covering her naked breasts with her hands.

Adrian and Evelyn talked about their neighbors, they were so nice and friendly and they only thing they could complain about regarding Sonny and Diane was the noisy parties they held on their backyard…and, thought Evelyn, the hot tub issue. Not because she was spying on the, but when looking from her bedroom window on the upper floor she couldn´t help noticing they were fully naked.

The first time she saw it was once while she was opening the windows to ventilate. She couldn´t help noticing Sonny wholly naked strolling to the hot tub. She could clearly see his scrotum and his cock swinging on every step. Diane was walking behind, comfortably naked, carrying a tray with some drinks, with her firm breasts almost leaning in the tray too. In the privacy of their backyard, Sonny and Diane enjoyed chatting, drinking, kissing, touching, as any loving couple would do in their privacy while Evelyn had to admit, was enjoying observing them and it was starting to produce her such a pleasant sensation.

Even though Evelyn didn´t consider herself a voyeur, every now and then she couldn´t help watching at her free spirited neighbors every now and then. Once she saw other couples having some drinks and snacks with them, right there by the pool. All naked, it seemed so natural for everyone there thought Evelyn while curiosity and interest were increasing inside. She even realized she was feeling humid warmth in her intimate parts. She later told Adrian about those particular parties in the neighbor´s backyard…and she realized she was starting to feel like she would like to be there too.

A week later Adrian had to leave on a business trip, leaving Evelyn lonely and bored at home. One afternoon Diane invited her to join them for the first time. Saying no to Diana seemed impossible, Evelyn simply couldn´t refuse to Diane´s friendly invitation. After all, it was just about joining a group of people and having some drinks while socializing a bit. There was nothing wrong about, wasn´t it? After all, nudity shouldn´t be a big issue, it should be a natural thing…

She took a beach towel and wrapped it around her tanned naked body and joined them. Diane introduced her to all the guests, and she felt immediately comfortable with all those friendly people.
The smiles and compliments she got from the group made her feel flattered, and within a few minutes she felt comfortably liberated enjoying her nudity. She was thinking of Adrian, couldn´t wait to tell him her liberating experience.
From that day on, she was regularly invited to join them in the hot tub, and when Adrian returned even convinced him to join too.

Sonny was giving her a lot of attention, increasingly. Diane once, while having a friendly talk on the tub, softly told her he found here very attractive and desirable. Later Diane even revealed her about the good male homage of her husband. Evelyn was enjoying the game, and timidly searched for his impressive manhood under the bubbles. Pretending to give her some relaxing massage, his hands went through all her body, under the permissive and pleased smile of the enchanting Diane. As Adrian finally came, Diane start introducing him and letting him know that looking at all the naked women was nothing but acceptable. Bodies were natural gifts to be admired and enjoyed after all. The group gathering was getting more intimate and liberated. Diane suggested some games to play, making Evelyn remember high school games she used to play, but these were definitely a higher level. Evelyn´s generous curves and her friendly manners were captivating all men around and it gave Adrian a sense of pride, after all, that entire precious sexy woman was his. Furthermore, there was something very exciting and sensually pleasing seeing how his wife was the object of desire and attention. He started to get hard seeing how some of them were flattering his wife, watching and approaching her, now almost a sensual goddess.

They met Sally and Bob at that tub party. They were about their same age so it was natural to engage in a conversation with them. They had met Diane and Sonny at a meditation gathering. “You should come to one of our reunions, your open spirit will let you soon experience the nirvana” invited Sally, “we are having a session later; it will open you new gates towards mental peace and plenitude”. An hour later, Diane invited all to a quiet room she used to meditate and the group obediently followed the suggestion. Evelyn expected them to take their towels or robes, but saw them all walking towards the room just naked. So she just followed. Diane was going to lead the ritual. She laid on her back on a soft rug, spread her legs a bit, and Sally handed her a cushion she place under her hips, that now were raising and exposing even more her intimate body parts. She rested her head in Sally´s lap, while Sally gently touched her cheeks and hair. Evelyn was guided to sit by Diane´s side, and by instinct she took her right hand. The rest of the women sat there too, side by side, feet and hands touching. Men were apparently gone and one of the women seemed to have vanished too. Then Bob arrived and joined the ladies, his oscillating big penis caught Evelyn´s attention. His manhood seemed impressive, he really stand out among that group of naked women. He positioned himself between Diane´s open legs, adopting some odd yoga pose. Sally with a soft whispering but authoritative voice asked everyone to pay attention to their own breathing, and to notice the stillness and feel the connection they were having. Everyone placed a hand on Diane´s body, she was the energy channel explained Sally. Evelyn was the only one who kept her eyes opened. The view of Bob surrounded by so many women, one of them lying before him exposing her protruding vulva, was exciting Evelyn. She felt some tingling on her pelvic area, feeling a bit guilty for that, she was supposed to feel relax and peace though… She would live more surprising experiences, she didn´t even imagined so far.

Sally´s voice speaking of warmth, harmony and acceptance get into Evelyn´s mind and she started to feel the warmth. Love, passion, desire were words she heard after a period of silence. Her eyes directed unconsciously to Bob´s penis…unexpectedly expanded and invitingly stiff. Diane´s vagina seemed to have blossomed too…and following Sally´s suggestion, the simple word “fulfillment”, Bob leaned towards to Diane, with that enormous and rigid symbol of manhood directed to Diane´s ready vagina. It was a soft but determinant motion that ended up in a sudden penetration. Evelyn had never seen a couple having sex in front of her. Nobody seemed to react to the rhythmic dance of those bodies or to the barely audible moaning. Women´s hands were still touching Diane, whose movements they could feel thorough their hands and flushing through their bodies. They were still meditating, motionless and silently. Diane squeezed her hand as she began to have spasms and tremors the Evelyn could clearly see were contracting around that hard cock coming in and out. Diane´s breathing was increasing, each exhale becoming a liberating moan of arousal. Evelyn was amazed at the view of the lubricating cream gushing out. Diane´s waving motions and tremors continued for several minutes, her body rocking while her hand squeezing more and more Evelyn´s hand. Like trying to share with her the heavenly pleasure she was experiencing, like making her a part of that ritual of joy. Evelyn´s tingling augmented, she noticed how warm and wet she was getting; the sexual delight took her mind and genitals. She looked around at the other women, yes, they were feeling as excited as her…they were all feeling like Bob was doing it to them too, getting deep into their bodies with his rock-hard hot cock. Evelyn felt the urge to touch herself, to let her fingers adventure in her own craving vagina. She could tell by the looks and gestures of other women, that some of them were even close to come. Then Bob groaned with a deep voice that expressed the sexual delight of total passion and ultimate pleasure. Diane couldn’t help having an intense orgasm which she loudly expressed with a sudden long shaking that took her entire body and with the sounds of a thankful voice. She looked happily exhausted and, then Sally let her voice be heard again…”it´s time to share, let´s get together”. Bob´s unbelievably rigid member left Diane and he demonstrated his generosity giving each woman her share. He somehow managed to go from one to the other craving woman…Evelyn was desperate and anxious waiting for her turn in the round…and finally she got it. She thought she would have an amazing orgasm as soon as feeling Bob inside, but though it was so gratifying for her to be penetrated, she couldn´t reach the climax.

“Don´t worry” Bob said, “you are just not prepared to connect deeply enough with your instincts and with our flow of energy, you will be soon, this won´t be the last session, believe me”.

The whole group went back outside, all them with pleasant looks in their faces, transmitting peace and satisfaction. Soon after them, the rest of the men joined them too. All were naked and with the same expression of peaceful delight on their faces. When she saw Adrian among them, they looked at each other´s eyes and smiled. They got together and sat down side by side; holding each other tenderly and no questions were asked. They both knew what the other had experienced and were feeling.

A few minutes later, when the whole group was sitting there, silently, some of them smiling, others caressing their partners, others with their eyes shut and an expression of evasion in their faces, Sally spoke out: “We are all so happy and proud of our new friends who have just started to understand and feel deep inside that we are all part of the same flow, that we belong to the universe and to everyone, the same way that everyone belongs to us too. Realizing the universal love, the oneness, being unique but being a part of all is a progressive knowledge you are just starting to acquire, towards your enlightenment and evolution, exploring and utilizing your emotional and sexual energy to connect with humanity, universe and finally, understand universal love. We hope to keep helping you Evelyn and Adrian on your path to spiritual evolution.
Evelyn and Adrian looked glanced at each other once again. Without having talked a word about it, they both knew they were going to keep on meditating and sharing universal love!

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