Meeting Anna

I clearly remember how we met Anna. It was at small cafeteria by the road. She was there, waiting to get someone who could take her to Tucson, her destination. It seemed though, that her attempts to get a lift failed, so she just remained there, with her already cold cup of coffee, showing and expression of disappointment and frustration.

Sam, my co-traveler saw her right as we entered to the cafeteria. It didn´t surprise me at all, wherever he goes he seems to have a radar and detect feminine hormones, specially of those ones in need of a good dose of manhood. And definitely, the combination of frustration on Anna´s face with those extremely tight jeans revealed she was in real need of excitement. When Anna stood up to reach the toilet, the way she moved and glanced at him,- or at both of us?- awoke the latent libido of my dear travel fellow and friend Sam. He took pictures of those butts with his mind. And I bet those mind pictures showed it naked and exposed. Oh, my pervert friend, I knew what he was thinking…

Somehow, my mind started imagining too…looked at Sam and we both smile, sharing the silent desire that got us. My eyes couldn´t have staring down from her sexy waist to those inviting hips. She came back, slowly and oscillating her attributes in front of us. This time, she didn´t go back to her cold coffee still waiting at the table, she stood dangerously close to us.

“Hey, Tom, guess this girl needs a lift…I wouldn´t mind sharing our truck with her”. After saying that, Sam approached defenseless Anna with that particular smile I had seen on him before. Within seconds he found out she was heading to Tucson, which was conveniently on our route.

From above Sam´s shoulders I gave her my kindest smile too, which she responded to. So I took those few steps and joined their conversation.

“So you need a lift to Tucson?” I asked

“Oh, yeah, that´s exactly what I need! I got to be there for a job interview first thing in the morning, but

I have no money left, just a few bucks I had in my rear pocket, lost my wallet, I´m desperate! I would be so, sooo thankful if you could help me!”

I got the message; she had said it all with those simple works and the look she gave at us.

“How thankful would you be?” directly asked Sam.

“Relax, I will thank you will all my heart…and body, I will do it all to compensate for favor guys, I really

got to be on Tucson, no matter what!”

Sam´s eyes shinned, my imagination speeded up, and even my body started to react with just the

thought what could come.

“Well, then Anna, I guess we can give you a lift and also make you have a nice time”.

She showed a smile, followed by a sexy movement of her tongue wetting her full-lips.

“Ok, thing is- she said- seems you both could need good blow job, but just in case, shall let you know that the door of this store is closed, hope you don´t mind, but you can get sniff of it if you like that”

The promise of that mouth on our masculinity sounded just more than enough.

“Seems a fair deal” Sam said. And she sealed the deal with a deep French kiss to each of us, like giving us a sample of what she had for us. Needless to say that the few clients gave us an envious look and some even lifted their beers on a gesture of men understanding and complicity.

Sam paid our bill and her cold forgotten cup of coffee. We ushered Anna out, and those gorgeous curves balancing in front our eyes gave us sort of a private show, just what we needed to happily and excitedly walk those steps to where our truck was parked.

Sam got in, and I left the door open for her to get inside before me…she would be sitting between us.

I enjoyed the view of her getting inside, she allowed me a few seconds of the comforting and pleasant view of that butt within her too tight jeans that let see every curve and imagine the content.

Once inside, the atmosphere suddenly got so hot, and I still don´t know if it was really the temperature of the air or just the heat I started to feel emerging from my pelvic area.

“You guys are so kind, just let me know when you want me to pay you my ticket to Tucson, want me to pay it in advance?” Anna asked with a voice that sounded too sweet, extremely sweet and almost whispering. I couldn´t help imagining that sweetness moaning of joy. Or even more, I thought of such soft voice dirty talking into my ears.

“A few miles ahead, there is a great place to park under hiding trees” I said, “ Guess that will be just great for you to show us how thankful you are. ”

“That´s too far, no need to wait, I just can´t”, were Sam´s words, like desperate, like he was urging to get his reward”

“Oh then- Anna said- maybe I could give you something right here, may be you could enjoy a sniff, wouldn’t you like to sniff a bit me, right now?” As if she was looking forward to that as much as us.

”There is one cushion in here, let me just place it underneath so you can slide to the edge of this seat and open up some”

”This is how you want me?”

Sam was down there in matter of a second, or less, just like a shot. She looked entirely divine, exposing those breathtaking curves, and there was Sam, with his nose digging in her jeans, sniffing her there.

She was truly enjoying that, as much as Sam and the sounds of their delight showed that. I could finally hear the sweet voice moaning.

She asked Sam to be delicate down there because it was her time of the month and that was why she had denied a fuck but he was welcome to sniff even her ass.

Somehow soon Sam´s face appeared again, quite red faced. Then Sam asked if she would roll a little so he could sniff from behind and she willingly did, propping that wonder of nature out for him so naturally. He said her that such an attribute had been made for spoiling and would make a marvelous fuck.

”Well perhaps the ass, when we park later, that would be really nice. I will need some Vaseline though.

”We have, we have some here” quipped Sam.

All this was just like an erotic dream, but was it really happening. Yesss, it was and then I realized I had a real big hard on, below the truck wheel, and with Anna leaning towards me while Sam was sniffing her up , she evidently noticed because her soft expert hand was there, skillfully playing with me.

”It´s so good so far!” She said. “But shouldn´t we better pull in?”

”Yes let’s do sot” I answered, and by the time she had already unzipped me and popped my erected member full out. When we parked – Sam was really going to come in her jeans. It was like if she was smothering him, securing his head among her crotch and then lapping it up. She was a real sex expert;

I was asking myself how her suck would be, in the fury of arousal.

”You are a little stinky” she commented jerking my foreskin.

”Don’t get me wrong my dear. I love the smell of seasoned hard one but you are a little sticky, sweaty, let me get my handbag”. She did so and she pulled out some clean wipes, those they use to refresh, and to feel the wipe and dedicated clean down there was a true pleasure”

”I adore when he does this” She smirked as he jumped every and each time she squeezed.

”You should feel proud of him. He is striking and now I will suck him.” And she did it with the passion and devotion I had imagined… I was soon transported to another world.

The sexual sounds coming out of the three of us, simultaneously, was an expression of the superb bond we were sharing..

”I think it is time we went behind” I suggested to my friend Sam, and obviously he agreed. I was well sucked but I also wanted some of the pleasures that he had enjoyed, so by getting into the rest compartment, we would get to let ourselves go.

She consented to drop her jeans on the condition that we did not try to fuck her pussy, but we could both have her by her rear entrance, and that was wordlessly agreed. I made her bend on all fours and then carried on where Sam had left. It was so fun to spread her solid cheeks apart in those tight blue jeans and smell her femininity as well as a get the good scent of that rampant ass. At first though, just through her jeans, was nice feeling her shuffle in my face .-

I could have cupped my hands on her tamponed quinny but I kept my promise and instead was my tongue in that asshole while she enjoyed the suck of Sams’s cock . Then she rolled her ass and rubbed my face into her ass and moaned for the feel of my fuck right.

”Okay, this is you asking for it” I yelled and, with pleasure, anointed that cracking ass with the help of Vaseline, so was soon inside her, giving it all to her ass, as if there would be no tomorrow. She was moaning and screaming and we both were enjoying her offering. It really felt so amazingly warm and lovely there inside.

She was unquestionably the most pleasant fuck you can think of, and when we finally recovered, we had a couple of drinks and went back to the road. It was something to be there, with this stunning example of finest womanhood.

”After my job interview is over, and if you can and feel like…, maybe you’d like to give me a ride back home? She asked with an inciting smile.”

”We will ride you back and forth anytime” I said ”And then, there can be a bonus, right guys?”

”Meaning, I want you to say it?”

”Meaning that am gonna make sure it is not that time of the month” – She laughed loud.

”Just phone or text us, any time” I said.

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