So You Thought Dolls Were Only For Little Girls?

Meet The “Datch Waifu” Japanese Dolls

Datch WaifuFrom the distance, the Datch Waifu dolls seem like real beautiful women, but once you come closer you realize they are sex dolls, that look incredibly real. The phenomenon comes from Japan, a country in which the acceptance and demand for these sex dolls has augmented in a concerning manner.

These dolls, whose name means “Dutch wives” thanks to their origin, are made of latex, vinyl and silicone; they have a metallic structure similar to human bone structure and also have joints and even natural human hair. All dolls are different from each other and the client is the one that personalizes them. The clients have them customized according to their own preferences, selecting the features, such as: height, waistline, breasts, skin color, buttocks, eye color, hair type and facial expression.

But that is not all, depending on the chosen model (and correspondent price) they can have a voice and movement sensors with predetermined answers for different kind of situations. Besides, if the client wants to, they can buy clothes, wigs, make up and all kind of accessories to dress up their dolls.

Since the last decade, Japan has become the world’s leading manufacturer and consumer of sex dolls. It is well known that Japan counts with one of the largest porno industries and is one of the main manufacturers of sexual toys of the world.

Among the Datch Waifu consumers, the majority of them claim that they prefer dolls to real women because they don´t speak and they allow them to satisfy all kind of sexual fantasies, while others claim that they use erotic dolls for sexual gratification since they are afraid of getting sexually transmitted diseases.

About this sex dolls phenomenon, it has been said that as a consequence of diverse cultural reasons, many of them associated to the technologic spurt, the Japanese society has seen with concern how such a big percentage of their population are falling into a dramatic process of “dehumanization” of the personal relationships.   A big number of Japanese men prefer to find their sexual pleasure in a sex toy before recurring to a woman, this explains why the Datch Waifu are so popular.

The explanations are diverse; some studies point out that a great percentage of the Japanese society leads a lifestyle totally subdued to their work environment and a very stressful life where human contact and interaction have become really difficult for many individuals.  There are many men who simply don´t have time to live with their families and more than often they lose the capability of interacting with their wives and even when prostitution is quite liberal in that country, not all men can afford paying sexual services. Instead, they prefer to make a one-time investment so as to count with their own “designed” doll.

Added to that, in that Asian country there are some very particular behavioral problems. For example, there are the hikikomori, individuals with a conduct condition which abandon social life and seek isolation. There are also the NEET (not in employment, education or training), which are anti-social persons who spend their days without working, studying or doing any kind of regular activity.

Therefore, due to the modern lifestyle and the so many abysms among human relationships, this phenomenon keeps growing. Of course, an important stimulus for this behavior is the fact that there is a huge amount of money, as well as technologic and scientific resources invested in the development and production of new ways to achieve sexual pleasure.

Personally, we consider that sex toys are valid and healthy sex tools that can allow us explore our sexuality and discover new emotions, however, this humble server considers that no matter how these toys may seem to achieve perfection, no object shall ever substitute human touch and real sexual interaction, which is advisable not only for our physical health but also an emotional and psychological need. So, yes, go ahead and order yourself a “perfect” sex doll with the image of the woman of your fantasies and have sexual fun with it, just don´t overdo it, don´t allow technology applied to sex toys dehumanize you.

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