Choosing A  Tablet For Next Holiday Season

It’s the holiday season again, time to upgrade to a new tablet to enjoy the amusement of the moment and connect with friends and family.

It is no longer a given you’ll buy the latest iPad tablet from Apple who have been making tablets for many years. Whilst their new creation iPad Air is almost everything you need in a tablet, they now face stiff competition from Google and Amazon. Competition is good for the consumer and we embrace it with open hands, and open minds. Google’s latest tablet is the Nexus 10 which has incorporated amazing features to keep Apple thinking and made them truly recreate the iPad for the first time since its inception to the market. Amazon´s tablets aren´t giving them a free ride for your money. The Kindle Fire HDX may just rekindle your love for gadgets with some of the latest and greatest features you’ll find in a tablet.

Let us examine the three latest tablets from the world’s tablet top-selling companies to enable us make an informed decision when it comes the time to buying a Christmas gift for someone of for ourselves. We cannot however ignore the fact that each one of them has its unique features and they are all reasonably priced according to what each one of them delivers, thanks to a healthy competition.

Amazon Kindle Fire HDX

Many people regard this tablet as a media utilization device, meant only for watching videos and perusing publications. The tablets are seen as bested by the finest tablets in the name of Apple’s iPad Air and Google’s Nexus 10 which are more resourceful with glossy hardware that oozes gratification just by holding them.

Amazon’s latest device can be comparable to the best tablets however. Its screen offers great resolution, it’s speedy and compact just as much as the iPad Air and Google’s Nexus. While the latter are vastly versatile, The Kindle HDX is seen to be made more for pleasure and buying, to take advantage of Amazon’s world of merchandise, than for anything else. The tablet is ready to let you buy and have delivered merchandise right to your home with just one click. This is especially convenient for Amazon Prime members. Music, movies and games are easy and fast to download make digital entertainment easily accesible.

The   Kindle Fire HDX is swift and the best way to get maximal advantage from publications such as books, magazines, and other media such as music and comics.

The 7 -inch HDX may not be as good looking as the Nexus or the iPad Air, but it is an improvement to the blocky antecedent Kindle Fire HD. It has a reduced breadth; whereas the predecessor was 0.4 inches in thickness, the HDX has a depth of 0.35 inches. The dimensions are (7.3-by-5-by-0.35) inches. It is easy to grasp with one hand but can’t fit in the pocket. It weighs only 10.7 ounces and thus doesn’t put in much weight to your baggage and its light to carry around.

The indispensable 3.5 millimeter headphone jack and a micro USB port are placed on the right and left sides of the tablet respectively. This placement enables the extensions to perform without trailing the display. There’s a camera on the front on top of the screen but not one on the rear. The power button and volume rocker of the Kindle Fire HDX are placed on the rear. They are easy to press but tricky to find more often than not.

The iPad Air

It is no longer a ground-breaking tablet as many tablets have entered the market. It is however arguably the trend setter. Consider the iPad Air as an improvement of the iPad mini – you know how quick tablets evolve – with a lustrous exterior and the most up-to-date processor, it is irresistible.

The A7 is the new processor powering the Air. It enables a host of programs to execute concurrently.

The iPad Air is available in 128 GB storage models. Although this may require you to dig deeper into your pocket than when fetching for the 64 GB model, it really solves the storage problem for huge media consumers. You can now load all your movies and music into the Air and still have space for games such as XCOM and Civilization: Revolutions.

The iPad’s battery life is 10 hours and is consumed steadily. You thus don’t need to recharge the gadget for the whole day whether using the Air for navigation, or for relaxed usage like email checking and browsing.

iPad apps are strictly meant for iPads; they are not like any other, and they are amazingly attractive. While the Apps Store and iTunes face competition from Google’s Play Store and Microsoft, the Apple’s manage to be intuitive simple to use, enjoyable and above par.

iPad Air and iOS 7

iOS 7 was designed to run on the 64 bit architecture, giving users a pleasing and simple experience. It gives iPad Air smarter multitasking abilities than its peers;

  • AirDrop
  • Control Centre

Google’s Nexus 10

Nexus 10 is thin light and powerful. With a whooping 2560- by- 1600 display resolution, together with a powerful graphic processor, it offers the perfect picture performance. Your pictures are given life with over 4 million pixels in your hand. HD videos are sharper and more vibrant than ever before.

The multi user support in Nexus 10 means that it gives each user a separate space to enjoy the experience;   is made for everyone. The Android processor enables multitasking and thus no need to log in and out each time. This tablet truly fosters the spirit of sharing which is the embodiment of the holiday season.

Hangouts feature in Nexus 10 enables you to chat with distant friends and family for free.  It gets you connected and makes every conversation a video chat with as many as 10 contacts.

The latest hit movies and TV programs are made available in the Nexus 10 in full HD and thus no need to waste time downloading or getting concerned about storage space.

The decision may not be so easy, these three gadgets have almost all we could want to have in a tablet, but based on the main usage you will do of it, get the one that will maximize your experience

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