There are many reasons why men hire or necessitate the services of a hired companion. Sometimes men may have a broken heart and needs to spend some time with a beautiful and interesting girl willing to hear him with patience and also help him relax his body and mind. In other occasions, men just need to find a escape from routine and from their stressed lives and just enjoy entertaining and liberating moments with a cheerful girl, others may just want to delight themselves with a gorgeous woman who will be a sexy and entertaining partner for an intimate date and please their sensual needs, other times business men require the companion of sophisticated, classy, beautiful and educated women to accompany them to business related events or social events of any  kind, and sometimes men wish to travel and have a female companion with whom share knowing new places, enjoying pleasant moments together, there are also men who are gay or sexually attracted to other men and find it hard to find a male companion to have pleasant times with discretion. These are just some of the reason why men may need hiring an escort. Evidently, depending on what the clients need and expect, the kind of escort   they should hire, since not all escorts have the same profiles or are the most suitable for their specific needs. You could hire independent escorts or hire a companion through an escort agency.

Unless you know an independent escort and you are sure she/he will be the proper companion to fulfill your needs, we recommend hiring your ideal escort through an escort agency. Why is that? Because escort agencies usually have a large number of girls or boys working for them and among their large staff they count with different personalities, different services providers, different styles of escorts so it will be easy to find the proper escort for you within an escort agency. What is more, as you contact the escorts agency and tell them clearly what you need, what you expect, what your preferences are, they will easily find the right partner for you, they will know which escort to suggest you to grant that your expectations are totally met. Of course, even through an escort agency, you will always have the freedom to make your own selection; clients always have the last word.

So, once you are decided to hire an escort through an escort agency, the next question is: Which escort agency to chose? Because if you search for escort agencies online your navigator will come up with a huge list of online escort agencies, same happens if instead of online you seek for them on a phone directory. So, facing such a large offer of escort agencies: How to choose the best escort agency?

There are a few things you should consider before hiring through an escort agency so as to guarantee you total satisfaction.

In the first place, you should investigate among renowned escort agencies. You should opt for a reputable one. Find out how long they have been on the field. Since new escorts agencies are constantly appearing to offer their services, the ones with longer experience will probably be able to provide you more professionalism and they have already built a reputation. In that sense, you can always try to find client´s reviews about the different escort’s agencies services. It is a sensitive issue, on the first place, you need to be granted reliability and this implies not only being sure that on the moment of the date or encounter you will really count with the companion, but also that you will get exactly the kind of companion you hired and of course, that all will be handled with discretion.

When we talk about reliability of an escort agency, we also have to consider something that is very important. The escort agency should count with the proper working habilitations and should grant that all their staff members are over 18 years old and count with the required working permits if they come from a different country than the one where they work. You are entitled to ask this, since otherwise you may be involved in illegal activities.

Another thing you should look for is their gallery pictures and they kind of escorts they count with among their staff. Do they have the type of companion you desire? For example, there are escort agencies that specialize on a certain type of escorts; you will see that there are agencies that online provide Asian escorts, others focus on offering Russian or Latin escorts, some of them dedicate to gay escort services. You will find out that easily, probably right at the homepage of the escort agency, within the name of it or right after that, if not, just take a quick look at their gallery pictures.  Of course, largest escorts agencies usually count with different categories of escort companions and you will most likely easily find someone meeting your physical, ethnical and educational preferences.

What is also very important when you visit an escort agency website is to see if they are posting real pictures of the actual escorts. Always ask them if the pictures showed in their galleries really belong to the person who will be your date. Some not so serious escort agencies may promise to send you a certain escort and when your fantasy partner arrives, you may find out she/he has nothing to do with what you saw on the photographs.  Another question you should ask is if physical appearance is very important to you is if the pictures are “photoshoped” or show exactly how that model or escort really looks like.  If you crave or have a fetish for a tiny waist or a firm butt that “Photoshop” touch on the picture may lead you to a disappointment.

What kind of services are you looking for? Are you looking for special services? Before choosing and escort agency, read their services section if they have it, if not email them and ask if they are able to provide them. Not all escort agencies count with full night/full day companions and offer just hourly services, traveling companions are also not always available, and some other specialties such as erotic massage services, VIP escorts for high-class businessmen, BDSM sessions or any other service you may desire that is not just hourly dating companion should be asked beforehand.  Sometimes escorts agencies’ clients want out-call escort services and others want in-call services. Most agencies provide only out-call escort services. Some agencies count with a proper facility in which clients can enjoy an intimate date with their escorts, so that is something you have to check depending on what you want. And of course, an important and delicate issue when hiring escorts is sex. You have to have it clear on your mind that escorts agencies are not offering sexual services, simply companion. However, some escorts agree to have sex with their clients as an adult’s relationship with mutual consent, but that is not implicit on the service you are hiring.

How do you prefer to pay: cash or credit card?  Verify the payment methods available of the escort agency that captured your interest. You may want to pay the hired services with a credit card, so when you choose an escort agency, you should check which payment methods they accept. If credit card payments are accepted, and almost all established escorts agencies offer this option ask how it will appear on your monthly balance, since you might not want to have your hired services exposed on the monthly balance especially if you have a relationship or are married for example.

Basically, to choose the best escort agency, what you have to do is spend some time doing some research. Make sure you choose an established agency with trajectory and good reputation and which is capable of providing the services you need in a professional manner.

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