Creativity and Innovation Within Sport Practices: Take A Look At The World´s Strangest Sports

Etymologically, the word sports comes from Latin verb deportare and it had to meanings, one related to the concept of transport and on the other it referred to certain triumphal celebrations where generals honored the god Jupiter and carried a crown. From the original concept of transporting or taking something away, it evolved until meaning going outside and exercise. It approximates to the concept of sports we have today. A sports practice can be done for health purposes, as a hobby or professionally. Basically, a sport is some type of physical exercise or game which is competitive and requires following certain rules.

Even though people tend to confuse the terms sport and physical activity there are not synonyms. Physical activity is just a practice, while sport implies a competition and always
has a result. Chess for instance, is a competitive sport that does not imply physical activity but hard competition.

There are sports suitable for anyone, no matter their age, gender or health condition. Cultures and societies keep evolving a new sports emerge, resulting some of them on strange combinations of different practices. Let´s take a look at some of the strangest sports of the world.


Odd as it may sound, Chessboxing combines a physical contact with intellectual challenge.
Basically, It takes place in a boxing ring and it alternates two minutes of boxing with four minutes of chess. It has 12 rounds and competitors can win by knock-out or chess-mate.
This sport was created by Lepe Rubingh, a dutch artist, and has been being practiced since 2003. It is mostly practiced in Germany, Russia, the Netherlands and United Kingdom.


Describing it in simple words, we could say it is a sort of volleyball that demands kicking the ball with the feet instead of the hands.
Sepak Takraw is a native sport from southeast Asia, and is played on a free of obstacles surface with a net whose upper side will be of 1,52 m for men and of 1,42 for women.
The ball is spheric and made of synthetic fibers.


Also known as Road Luge or Land Luge, this risky sport finds the competitors sliding lying on a wheeled flat surface (similar to a large skateboard) named streetluge-board at high velocities of over 100km/hour down on a paved road . Their only brakes are their own feet.
It began as a recreational activity in Southern California when downhill skateboarders discovered they could slide faster lying down on their skateboards.


Extreme Ironing is probably one of the most absurd sport. As it´s name says it, it consists on ironing real clothes with a real iron while practicing an extreme activity such as cycling, climbing or parachuting. Even though there is a strong debate on the media whether it can be really considered a real sport or not, IE practitioners take it very seriously and there have even been Extreme Ironing World Championships, the first one held in Germany in 2002 with competitors from ten countries, 3 of them British.
Competitors have to show their ironing skills on different fabric and in different scenarios.


There are a lot of people who practice sports with a double purpose: exercising and having a great time. Precisely, hashing combines physical activity and fun. Competitors run along previously determined circuit. Two of them act as hounds and go running while leaving clues to the rest, or hunters. These last ones have to follow the traces left by the two leading ones and they have to take small breaks in established control points, normally bars or pubs where they have to intake some alcoholic drinks before moving on.
Even though hashing is mostly associated with fun and entertainment and it´s spirit is not typically competitive, there is still a winner in each race: the first one to reach the goal after having successful completed all control points requirements. The prize is usually a cold beer barrel.

There is no doubt, that there are sports suitable for anyone so if you think you still haven´t found the right one for you, we could say that you haven´t searched enough!

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