2013 Miss Bum Bum

Nov 17, 2013


She represented the central state Goias, in the nationwide search, for the woman with the most bodacious bum in all Brazil.  Because she had the most popular butt in the Central State, Dai was chosen amongst the 15 finalists this week via the contest’s grand jury of Sao Paolo.  After the final voters were in, Dai’s 42-inch bottom was crowned Brazil’s novel Miss Bum Bum.

Macedo, an administrative student, denied herself so many things and was devoted to become the next Brazil bum bum queen.  The model admits that she has help from liposuction, but also committed to practicing a healthy lifestyle.   Representing Goias, the 25-year- old beat off competition at the Sao Paolo event and walked away with the top prize of Miss Bum Bum.  The prize would not only include international fame, a GBP1- 350 cash prize, but also advertising contracts that are worth ten times that amount.  Macedo is obviously emotional in her declaration of surprise when she won the highly controversial bum competition.

With her 42inches of ‘bum bum’, Dai Macedo was officially crowned for having the best butt in Brazil.  The stunning brunette is crowned in a land that is famous for its derrieres, which makes for one of the most controversial competitions to date.  Despite its share of drama, this hotly-contested edition of the competition, allows winners to become Brazil’s instant celebrities and receive a fortune in endorsements.  Macedo tells the press that she endured many sacrifices in preparation of the ‘bum bum’ crown, such as avoiding nightclubs and sweets, while stepping up gym time and exercising.  Even with the alleged unethical procedures where contestants were supposedly bribing judges, the future bum-bum queen remained humble and honest in her pursuit for the Miss Bum Bum honors.

The bum bum queen winnings took place after several of the fiery competitive candidates, to include Ms. Macedo, shocked the mere contentious pageant by claiming, via Tweeter, that some of the girls had bribed the judges to guarantee a top 3- result.  Contestant Eliana Amaral, from Pernambuco in north Brazil, who achieved second place, was reported to have not only paid for the result, but to have also forged x-rays that indicated that she has had a butt implant.  Bringing up the rear was the third place winner, Jessica Amaral, from the central northern region of Para.  Leading up the event, it was suggested on social media that the result would be fixed to give the title to rival Mari Sousa.  Sousa was reported to have paid top dollar to judges in the attempt to win, yet did not conquer top three results.

Macedo lashed out against the controversy and the corruption embraced by the social media.  The Brazilian bum bum competition winner inevitably distanced herself from the outburst after realizing that the competition is real.  She focused on her 42inch of ‘bumbum’ to become a finalist, and ultimately, the winner of the competition.  Even as booty pageants do not have the prestige they once did, the competition is seemingly big in Brazil.  The notorious Brazilian pageant is where winners can embrace a celebrity lifestyle and fortune.

The 2013 competition presented with extra intriguing activities as it was marred with allegations of vote rigging.  However, after months of cat-fighting, the Brazilian beauty, Dai Macedo wins the country’s Miss Bum Bum contest.  In its third year, the best buttock at the pageant wins fair and square.  The contest has a huge following within the country, as well as around the world.  As the bum bum titleholder from the central state of Goias, Macedo impressed judges with her derriere and is destined to become a national celebrity. 

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