Art And Love: “100 Kisses Around The World” Ignacio Lehmann´s Photography Project

Ignacio Lehmann, now being called The Kisses Hunter, is the young Argentinian photographer that travels around the world with a curious mission: photographing kisses around the world. His project began with the first 100 kisses he photographed in New York city and uploaded to his Facebook page. His project naturally started growing and he continued visiting more cities : London, Paris, Berlin, Mexico DF, Barcelona and Buenos Aires. In each city, he took photographs of over 100 kisses. So far, he has photographed 700 different kind of kisses and intends to go on with his project visiting more cities around the world. The kisses are the center of the project and the scenarios keep changing as he travels around the globe.

He has a website ( ) where he uploads his work and through which he receives donations and has received several invitations from cities around the world.

The kisses he photographs are not programmed, they are street kisses he find while he walks and wanders around the different cities. He also talks to the kissers interested in knowing their stories. Sometimes he writes those stories and posts them on his Facebook page.
He captures any situation and kiss that transmits a special emotion, from sweet tender kisses to passionate ones. He does not only take pictures of couples kisses, also parents and kids, friends, siblings, even people kissing their pets, what matters is that there has to be a reflected emotion.
Lehmann considers kiss is a symbol of peace and love, a universal figure, an act of connection between two beings and it speaks a universal language whose message can be understood anywhere in the world.


Kissing is not an art, is an act, and the 29 years old photographer Ignacio Lehmann masters the act of photographing the most representative acts of pure love shown in a kiss.

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