Escorts and Scam

Escorts and Scam

Escorts and Scam: Beware Of Not Becoming A Victim Of Fraud

As in any other industry in which there may be money involved the escort services business can be a prolific field for scam and fraud.

The escort services business makes it easy, and it can affect both ends:  the potential clients as well as the potential escort girls/boys who are working or intend to work as escorts.

The client, the escort or the escort agency you are about to deal with can be a phony or a badly intended person trying to take money from you! So, there are some situations that have happened before that you should be aware of so as to be careful and avoid being a victim of a fraud, robbery or a scam escort agency.

Fake Escort Agencies Trying To Scam Innocent Clients

Practically all or most escort agencies work through their websites and many of them only provide email contact, there is no address (and sometimes not even a telephone number) just an email or contact form to make the reservations and pay for the services. The anonymity of Internet makes it very easy to open the doors of fraud. This is why we always recommend hiring through a reputable or renowned escort agency with years of trajectory.

Some common frauds fake escort agencies make are:

Travel scam and advanced payment. Some escort agencies offer girls abroad. Let´s suppose you are traveling to Europe and are seeking the companion of a European girl, or a girl from Northern Countries to accompany you.  Basically, the escort girls will be meeting you in a different country than their own, for example in your own city or country or at a meeting point on your trip to Venice, Paris or Geneva. As the escorts travel expenses shall be paid by the client, they may ask you for and advance payment of the travel expenses and sometimes even of part of the escorts fee. Unless you have references of the escort agency you are hiring through, we recommend not to do so, once your payment has been sent, most chances are that the escort will never appear and you will find yourself alone and without that considerable amount on your pocket.

Overly edited escort photos or directly fake photos. This is one of the most common frauds of real but fraudulent escort agencies. You visit their website and their pictures galleries seem to be a dream come true. Your eyes can´t probably believe such beauties exist! And your eyes are right…many of those escorts agencies – that do so much harm to the business field of escort agencies- post pictures that have nothing to do with the real escorts working for them. Yes, you will meet your escort, but she/he will have nothing to do with what you saw on the photographs, because the photos have been overly retouched or just don´t belong to the person who goes to the desired encounter.  Not as serious as the previously mentioned fraud, but still a disappointing waste of time, illusion and money.

Premium priced phone numbers. It is very easy to become victim of such scam. It´s simple, you visit the escort agency´s website, feel tempted by some of the featured escorts and decide to give them a call and find out and maybe even book your desired fantasy date. What happens here is that the contact telephone number will be a special rate number, where you will be charged expensive phone tariffs instead of the regular phone call rates. With some luck, you may find yourself being offered some sort of phone sex or hot-line services. They will try to engage you in an erotic conversation after telling you that unfortunately no escort girl is available to date at the moment but they will still be pleased to talk to you!  Every second they keep you hooked at the line, will be money going their way. So, a good tip is to verify the regular pre-fixes of the area where the agency claims to be located at and check if those belong to regular services or to high priced ones.

Clients are asked to pay before being allowed to see who is currently online and available. Lonely anxious clients in need of finding an escort right at the moment feel tempted to pay a small fee so as not to waste time trying to find someone available at the moment. Just think about it, with so many escort agencies and independent escorts willing to make a first contact for free, why would you have to pay to see what you might find?

These are just some examples, but the list can go on and on, so be careful before providing you personal information and your credit card number, as we keep recommending our visitors and friends, seek for an established agency who has already built a reputation. How can you know that? Spend some minutes browsing online, there are forums and sites where scams and frauds are exposed and regarding a good agency, you will surely find testimonials. Besides, you need to use some common sense, the more information about them the escort agencies provide, the more chances to verify their reliability you have.

To start with, see if:

  • They have a regular phone contact number
  • How long have they been on the field?
  • Do they ask for advanced payments of any kind?
  • Do the pictures seem too ideal to be truth?
  • Are they willing to provide the name and personal phone number of the escort so you can get in touch before the personal encounter?
  • Do you personally know of someone who has hired through them before?
  • Are there positive reviews of the agency in the different escort agencies client’s independent forums?
  • Have you checked the agency´s name on any of the websites scam check sites?
  • Do they claim to have a 24/7 clients support line but no one ever answers the phone?

Now, fraudulent escort agencies not only affect honest clients, but also honest people trying to work as escort girls/boys. There are some indicators that should make applicants open their eyes.

Escorts Scam

How Can An Escort Agency Con Possible Escort Girls/Boys?

Suppose you want to start working as an escort girl/boy. You know this is a profitable work field and have heard how so many people like you make a good living out of it and you are willing to start making some money now. Probably you will opt to work through an escort agency since they have the experience, the clients and the resources to promote you and handle your appointments while taking some care of you and teaching you how to start in the business and become a professional, right? Yes, it´s true, starting to work through an escort agency is a good way, but take care, there are many delinquents willing to take money out of your pockets and out of your success dreams. So, pay attention to some things you should look at when wanting to apply for an escort job at an established escorts agency.

You find a great site, a wonderfully designed escort’s agency website that promotes so many escorts and claims to be recruiting new escorts to fulfill their client’s demands. So you probably decide to send your personal information, ask some questions about how they work, and of course, send your sexy pictures to finally see them uploaded there and attracting lot´s of clients.

But then you see that it is not so easy. You are asked to pay a registration fee!

Don´t join an escort agency that requires a joining or registration fee. Reliable and serious escort’s agencies will never ask candidates for a joining fee; on the contrary, they will only charge a percentage of your earned money only after they really get you works! Professional agencies only earn money when you earn it!

Now, you got caught on their promises of huge incomes and paid for the fee and never got a phone call from them or they just answered to your mails with evasive answers. Feeling frustrated you decide to complain to them or find out if there was something wrong. Again, take care and observe the prefix of their contact phone numbers. It may probably be a high priced number and every minute you spend complaining or asking questions, will be reflected on your phone balance bill next month.

A real escort´s agency is designed focused on attracting the potential clients, not the escorts. Pay much attention to that. Escorts agencies websites are designed to attract the clientele, they already count with a regular staff of escorts working for them and what their sites targets is to get more visitors and potential clients to hire escort services through them. It is true that almost all agencies have a section where people can contact them to become members of their staff, but that section is not highlighted, normally just a tab or a contact email discretely placed on one side or at the bottom of their site. So, if you land on an escort’s agency page that seems to be focused on recruiting escorts than gaining clients, it is most likely a fraudulent site who will try to get money out of you, instead of making you earn some. And if they promise an average monthly income that can almost be compared with the salary of a big company´s CEO, you just better erase that link from the browsing history of your computer!

They tell your pictures are not adequate and they offer making you a more professional one (and they charge you an important amount for it!). Avoid those too, again, reputable agencies are not after your money, they are after your services. If your pictures do not meet their standards, they can ask you for a new set, but they will give you the indications of the sort of pictures they require to upload your profile and pictures, but they won´t force you to have those taken by them…well, if they not only ask you that but also request an advanced payment for the photo shooting session you will have “next week”, well, better run away…

Joined for free, uploaded your photos and now, they email you have been booked with a client, but you have to pay they percentage in advance!

Never pay agency´s percentage in advance!  Real escort agencies won´t do that, you will never have to take money out of your pocket until you earned it.

A good agency will never ask you to check your skills! Delete their email of phone number if they ever ask you a personal evaluation to assess your probabilities of becoming a professional escort. Hey, this is simple sexual harassment; they will ask you for a freebie, a sample, but remember…an escort agency does not have to probe your sex performance! That´s got nothing to do with your work through them. What a real escort agency will ask is about your education, languages you speak, previous experience, communication skills and personal photographs as well as personal information and identification; they will always want to make sure their staff is over 18.

Finally, as in any business, in an escort agency you will always have a contact person, or a hiring manager with whom you will have to have easy and fluent communication, whose name and face you will eventually know, and whose phone number they will provide you to get in touch in case they need your services or in case you might have to contact them, so no serious agency has nameless managers dealing with their working staff.  These are just some basic things you have to look at to protect yourself from fake escort agencies trying to take advantage of people’s dreams or needs. Pay attention to these tips and basically, use common sense. Yes, you can get to make a good salary out of escorting services, but if promises are too high, doubt of them, nothing is given from free!

Escorts and Scam

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